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Your next job search could be carried out on Twitter

Twitter is reportedly preparing and rolling out support for some accounts to post job ads directly to their profile as it looks to offer more services to business users.

The Musk-owned and Yaccarino-led social media platform has long vocalized its desire to become more than just social media, with Musk’s ambitions compared to those of the Chinese WeChat giant.

Amid accusations that Meta’s Threads has copied Twitter, Twitter has now become one step closer to mirroring LinkedIn which is also a platform used for both vocalizing thoughts and searching for jobs.

Twitter job search engine

Twitter user, app researcher, and web developer Nima Owji is credited (via TechCrunch) with highlighting the addition of job ads to Twitter. A screenshot posted by Owji reads:

“Twitter Hiring is a free feature for Verified Organizations to post jobs, feature jobs on your company profile, and attract top talent to your open positions.”

The summary calls on Twitter’s 528 million users as a reason for verified organizations to use the free feature (though of course, verification itself is not free).

Jobs can be pulled in via a supported Applicant Tracking System or XML feed, and up to five posts can be featured on a profile.

For those familiar with Musk’s actions, this news should come as no surprise. Twitter acquired tech talent hiring platform Laskie in May, at which point it was speculated that the platform could be just months away from launching its own jobs section.

Getting confirmation from Twitter has become virtually impossible, with emails to its press department receiving an automated poop emoji reply, but Workweek CEO Adam Ryan has confirmed that the verified organization has gained access to the job posting feature for no extra cost. Ryan had initially posted a screenshot displaying the new profile UI, but when we checked, Workweek did not have any job listings beneath its profile information.

Despite the lack of a formal announcement, the creation of a new Twitter Hiring account in July indicates that a wider rollout is imminent.

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