Vision Pro apps: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous

A screenshot of Apple Vision Pro app icons.
Image: Apple

Apple’s new platform is going to have some new — and maybe weird — apps.

Apple’s Vision Pro is Apple’s newest computing platform, and that means we’re going to see a whole bunch of new apps. Apple is trying to pitch apps on the Vision Pro as “spatial” experiences, and we’ll have to see how those differ from or improve upon the virtual reality and mixed reality experiences we’ve seen on other platforms. The Vision Pro can run iPhone and iPad apps, too.

Apple has already shared that the Vision Pro will have 3D movies from Disney Plus, support from apps like Max and Amazon Prime video, and games like What the Golf? and Super Fruit Ninja. But there’s a notable omission, at least at launch: Netflix’s app won’t work on Apple’s headset.

The Vision Pro launches on February 2nd, and there are sure to be some good, bad, and flat-out weird apps in the weeks and months to come. (What will be the next I Am Rich?) Here’s all of our coverage of the apps for Apple’s new platform.