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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is leaving Xbox Game Pass this month, as are 5 other titles

Xbox Game Pass had a big month in September, offering players the likes of Lies of P, Starfield, and Payday 3, but with the addition of such big titles it comes as no surprise that a few will be leaving the service now a new month has begun. 

A total of six games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 16, including the side-scrolling action title Trek to Yomi and the charming action-adventure game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

In addition to these two games, players will also lose access to The Legend of Tianding, SHENZEN I/O, Eville, and OVERWHELM. But, if you do want to continue your adventure within these games, Game Pass subscribers will receive a 20% discount from their store price, so you’ll still be able to make a saving if you fell in love with a game and wish to purchase it outside of your subscription.

This is the first batch of games leaving the service, and as is the same in previous months, we’re expecting to see a second wave roll out once these games have left – but Microsoft has yet to share details on which games we can see on top of these six. 

However, saying farewell to these titles does mean a few new games are making their way to the subscription service too. On top of the titles we received on Xbox Game Pass in September, we’ve got another pretty big month ahead with Gotham Knights, Forza Motorsport, Cities: Skylines 2, and Mineko’s Night Market all releasing onto the service throughout the month. 

Although these games won’t be added at the same time, unlike the games being taken off the service on the same date, it does mean you have ample time to enjoy what could become some of the best Xbox Game Pass games before you jump into the next game. 

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