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This cheap HD projector could be the budget home theatre upgrade you need

Emotn has unveiled a cheap projector that looks like it might give other HD options – such as Samsung’s The Freestyle – a run for their money.

The new Emotn N1 has launched on Amazon in the US (with a UK launch on the way soon) and boasts a 1080p HD image with a max 120-inch screen size. Its bulb promises to last for 30,000 hours, offers a 500 lumens max brightness, and can use HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG codec support to deliver its visuals – though we’ll have to try the device out for ourselves to know how good it really is. It even has inbuilt speakers with Dolby Audio – albeit two 5W ones that will likely be outclassed by a basic sound system.

Still, on paper, the Emotn N1 looks pretty capable, especially when you consider it’ll only cost you $400 (around £350) or $350 (around £300) if you use the $50 coupon as part of its launch promotion. This means it could well could be one of the best cheap projectors out there.

For comparison, the Samsung The Freestyle projector – which launched at $899 / £999 / AU$1,299 but can now be found for $700 / £500 / AU$1,000 or less – also only offers a 1080p HD image, but its max screen size is just 100-inch. Though Samsung’s projector is slightly brighter at 550 lumens and uses the company’s Tizen OS rather than Emotn’s Linux-based OS.

The advantage of Tizen – which is also used across Samsung’s other devices – is that it’s likely going to be more stable, easier to use, and offer a wider selection of apps than Emotn’s OS. Though the Emotn N1 will offer native Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube apps – and by plugging one of the best streaming sticks into its HDMI port you’ll get easy access to all the best streaming services if they aren’t supported natively.

The Emotn N1 next to an Xbox Series X which is bigger than it

 The Emotn N1 next to an Xbox Series X and iPhone for scale (Image credit: Emotn)

The Emotn N1 is also bulkier than The Freestyle coming in at 8lbs (3.6Kg) compared to just 1.8lbs (0.8Kg). Though the Emotn N1 still looks pretty portable, likely making it a solid choice if you want to be able to take a basic home cinema with you on your next vacation or when you visit friends (just remember it needs to be near a plug socket. 

So if you’re looking to pick up a budget-friendly projector then the  Emotn N1 could be just the device you need, especially while it’s on sale for just $350. Though if you’re after a projector that boasts a better performance you might prefer something from our list of the best 4K projectors you can buy today.

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