These are the certified Wi-Fi 7 devices you can buy now

Stylized image with pink and blue lighting of several gamers at a table. All are using Razer Blade laptops with large desk mats plugged into them. The desk mats have RGB edge lighting and are wirelessly powering the gaming mice.
Razer’s newest gaming laptops are certified for Wi-Fi 7. | Image: Razer

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced at the beginning of CES last week that it had begun certifying Wi-Fi 7 devices. Not having the certification doesn’t mean a device won’t work, but it does mean that it’s been confirmed to work within the standard’s specification and is therefore compatible with other Wi-Fi devices. Handily, the Wi-Fi Alliance has a searchable database of what’s certified, and a few notable ones have already earned the Alliance’s stamp of approval for the new standard.

You may already have a Wi-Fi 7 smartphone if you own the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Qualcomm’s FastConnect 7800 network adapter, which is now certified for the new Wi-Fi standard, is included with Samsung’s 2023 flagship phone. The only trouble is, to date,…

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