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The trailer for Hulu’s new sci-fi thriller movie will give you alien spider nightmares

The first trailer for a new Hulu sci-fi horror-thriller film has made its way online, and it’s the kind of teaser that’ll have you shouting “nope” at the screen.

Titled No One Will Save You, one of 2023’s new Hulu movies will debut on the Disney-owned streaming service on Friday, September 22. At the time of writing, that’s less than three weeks away, so it’s high time we learned more about this curious flick.

Well, at least that’s what we thought until its teaser trailer dropped. The film, which will air on Hulu in the US, as well as on Disney Plus in the UK and Australia, is packed with all kinds of nightmare fuel – including a spindly, spider-like alien. Nope. Just nope. Check out the trailer below:

Yeah, it was bad enough knowing that the film’s primary antagonist – the aforementioned alien – appears to have telekinetic and mind-control abilities. We see these powers in action at various points in the trailer, such as the alien removing some nails without touching them and commanding a group of people to stand eerily still in a garden.

It’s the final shot of the trailer, though, when we see the alien-spider creature speeding after protagonist Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) that’s unsettled us. We thought the home invasion-based sci-fi thriller movie Signs was unnerving enough, but this? Kill. It. With. Fire.

Enough chatter about the anxiety-inducing extraterrestrial, though. What’s No One Will Save You actually about? In summary: Brynn, a woman living alone in her childhood home, is forced to defend her abode when a group of unearthly visitors suddenly invade her home town. So yes, it’s more M Night Shyamalan’s Signs than Jordan Peele’s Nope, even if both films are also based around aliens invading our planet.

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No One Will Save You has been written and directed by Brian Duffield, whose previous works include Netflix‘s 2023 animated series Skull Island, 2020’s sci-fi horror Underwater, and this year’s cult-classic comedy horror Cocaine Bear. Dever, who has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows including Booksmart, Rosaline, Dopesick, and Last Man Standing, is the film’s only confirmed star.

Can we expect to see No One Will Save You invade our best Hulu movies and/or best Disney Plus movies lists? Perhaps. Duffield’s previous projects have varied in quality the years, so it’s unclear if his latest venture will be a success. With Halloween looming over the horizon, though, No One Will Save You‘s late-September release perfectly positions it as a pre-spooky season flick. And, with the movie set to debut on two of the world’s best streaming services, Duffield and company have the advantage of two user bases to tap into.

Let’s hope it’s as riveting as other recent Hulu film releases, such as Prey and Flamin’ Hot, and not something that’s as poorly received as Vacation Friends 2.

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