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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be the fastest charging Galaxy yet

Samsung could be preparing to speed up its charging with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, according to a new report. The report follows an earlier indication that the company was shifting to a new battery technology for its upcoming Galaxy phones.

The news comes from a reliable Twitter tipster, RGCloud5, who shared details about the potential charging upgrade. Additionally, an earlier report from Samsung-focused news blog, Sammobile, suggested that Samsung might incorporate stacked battery charging, a method commonly used in electric vehicles.

While there is a possibility of implementing this technology in both the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra models, the rumor indicates that the Galaxy S24 Ultra alone is the most likely candidate for such an upgrade. As with Apple and Google’s respective iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 7 Pro, the most expensive and larger model is often the testing ground for the newest and most innovative features, so it would make sense if Samsung initially launched this technology on the Ultra. 

Samsung is also rumored to be using a cooling gel with the new charging tech, allowing the battery to stay cooler when under pressure for longer. This new cooling gel is a key component in reaching the 65W charging milestone for Samsung.

The current charging speed of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 45W, and that’s the company’s fastest charging phone. Other flagship Galaxy phones such as the Galaxy Flip 4 and the Galaxy Flip 5 are also capped out at 25W. Other members of the Android family, mostly from Chinese manufacturers, push charging well past the 65W limit. The OnePlus 11, for instance, can charge at 100W, and that’s not even the fastest phone around for charging. 

Catching up to rivals 

Though Samsung makes some of the best Android phones with the Galaxy S23 series, the company has fallen behind on charging speeds compared to the aforementioned rivals from Chinese phone makers. I made the argument that ultra-fast charging was a unique, useful feature, and once you experience it, other types of ‘fast’ charging just feel so much slower and inefficient. 65W is a far cry from the ridiculous 200W you’ll see in some phones, but you’ll almost certainly see tangible benefits.

In addition to that, when one considers the 5,000 mAh that Samsung is expected to bring, as well as the potential efficiency gain from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, the Galaxy S24 Ultra could be one of the best smartphones you could buy from a power perspective.

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