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The OnePlus Watch 2 is being tipped to launch next year

You may remember the OnePlus Watch that launched in 2021 and the budget OnePlus Watch Nord that came the year after in India – and though there hasn’t been a OnePlus wearable this year, it seems that the OnePlus Watch 2 could be arriving in 2024.

This comes from regular tipster Max Jambor (via 9to5Google), who says that the watch will use a round face, like its predecessor, and that it will be “better” than the original – which you would expect really, after a two year gap.

We did hear a mention of the OnePlus Watch 2 last year, though back then it was slated for a launch at some point in 2022. That obviously didn’t happen, or perhaps there was some confusion between the OnePlus Watch 2 and the OnePlus Watch Nord.

The OnePlus Watch Nord, which never got released outside of India, used a square face in the style of the Apple Watch, but based on this leak it would seem that OnePlus is going to stick to the same circular design for its main smartwatch line.

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Very few details

Aside from the prediction that it’s going to arrive in 2024 and that it’s going to come sporting a round watch face, we really don’t know too much else about the OnePlus Watch 2 in terms of either its design or its internal specifications.

One question is whether the wearable will run OnePlus Watch OS, like the original, or switch to Wear OS – the Oppo smartwatches run Wear OS, and Oppo and OnePlus are virtually the same company at this point.

We praised the “sleek looks and week-long battery life” and low price of the original OnePlus Watch, while also noting our frustrations that there were few third-party apps for the smartwatch, primarily because of OnePlus Watch OS.

Let’s hope that the OnePlus Watch 2, when it eventually does see the light of day, improves in all the areas that need to be improved in. Perhaps we might even see it show up alongside the OnePlus 12 at the start of the year.

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