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The official Animal Crossing Lego sets have been unveiled, and they’re adorable

Following on from the official announcement last week, five Animal Crossing Lego sets have now been shown off, and they’re just as cute as you’d expect them to be. 

Over on the Lego website, each of the five sets can be viewed in detail now – some are larger than others, and they’re all priced differently. They all include at least one Animal Crossing minifigure and some accessories.  

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The cheapest of the bunch is Julian’s Birthday Party – a 170-piece set including Julian the unicorn, with a bunch of birthday-themed items (including balloons, a cake, presents and a party hat), as well as a cute little scene with a cherry blossom tree and bunting. This one will cost $14.99 / £12.99. 

Next is Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities. The 164-piece set features Bunnie the rabbit, an outdoor scene with a couple of cliffs, a waterfall, trees and foliage. She also comes with a tent and some Animal Crossing tools, including the bug net, vaulting pole, and shovel. This set will cost $19.99 / £17.99.

The third-largest set is Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour at 233 pieces. Starring Kapp’n himself in his boat, and Marshal, the ever-popular smug squirrel villager, this set includes a beach scene with palm trees, bamboo, a dock, beach chairs and a parasol (as well as a couple of sea creatures), for the price of $29.99 / £24.99.

Larger still is Isabelle’s House Visit, at 389 pieces. This includes an iconic Animal Crossing house (complete with an interior and mailbox), as well as a cherry tree, tools, workbench and present balloon, not to mention the sweet secretary dog Isabelle herself, and Fauna the deer. This one costs $39.99 / £34.99. 

Finally, Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House is the biggest of the bunch at 535 pieces, and a higher price tag of $74.99 / £64.99. As the name would suggest, minifigures of Rosie the cat villager and Tom Nook are included, along with builds for a home and the Nook’s Cranny shop. Accessories for the interiors include a shopping till and stock shelves, a bag of Bells (Animal Crossing currency), a bed and radio. For the exteriors, a parasol, table and chairs are included, as well as a bike, orange tree, drop-off box and notice board. 

All five of these sets are expected to be released in March 2024.

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