The first Reddit reviews of the Vision Pro are in

A close up of a woman wearing the Vision Pro
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

If you spend $3,500 on a laptop, it’s a near guarantee you know exactly what you’re getting and you’re probably going to be happy with it. But you have to… think different when you spend that kind of money on a new platform like the Vision Pro, Apple’s “spatial computer” that does a lot of rethinking about how face computers should work. The Vision Pro subreddit is naturally offering a taste of how Apple’s vision is landing with people who decide to take the plunge.

There’s plenty of what reviewers have already said on Reddit right now. Like our own Nilay Patel, user imatowell called out the “smaller than expected” field of view and reflections in the lenses themselves (Apple said this is normal when Nilay asked), among other things.

And there is lots of commiseration in the replies to that post. I encourage you to resist the temptation to skip the comments today because you’ll miss out on key insights, like that “it doesn’t play 3D porn” — that’s important information! And, of course, there are “helpful” comments like one saying imatowell just didn’t do enough research before buying it, or that blurry passthrough is their fault for not making their home’s lighting perfect.

The Vision Pro subreddit really has it all today. There’s the person claiming to be a former Apple employee who says it’s “the greatest piece of technology I have ever experienced in my life.” The person writing that they figured out that if you yell while in the mountains in the headset’s immersive mode, you’ll hear an echo, The “avid VR enthusiast” telling everyone they’re reviewing it wrong. Someone who’s already worn it on a plane.

You’ll also find pictures of people wearing it:

A man and a woman standing outside, looking to the side, with a cloudy sky behind them at sunset.
A person sitting on a couch, wearing a Vision Pro, in a well-lit room.

People who hate that.

Apple enthusiasts showing their enthusiasm.

Picture of a Vision Pro next to an original Macintosh.
Picture of the Vision Pro with several vintage Apple products, including an original Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone.

People who hate that.

Comment reading “So you’re a bit of a fanboy you might say?”

Posts marveling at the tech.

Gamers gaming.

And of course, Glassholes. (No insult intended; just borrowing Google’s term.)

A selfie taken by a person who appears to be in a dimly-lit bar, wearing the Vision Pro.

And here’s a bonus Vision Pro in the wild TikTok while we’re at it:

What a time to be alive.

But going back to imatowell’s post, there’s only one person who spoke to what will be the most important metric by which I’ll judge if I’m keeping my own Vision Pro when it arrives later this month: what it’s like to play StarCraft 2 on the moon.

Caption reading “I’m going to play StarCraft 2 on the moon and then see how I feel about it.”

All screenshots taken by Wes Davis / The Verge.