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The Beats Studio Pro finally makes landfall, with the promise of a premium audio experience

The Beats Studio Pro finally makes landfall, with the promise of a premium audio experience

It’s been six long years, but audio brand Beats is finally back in action with the release of its new flagship pair of headphones: the Beats Studio Pro.

For the launch, the company is coming out swinging, packing the Studio Pro with all the features and boost in performance you expect to see on a next-gen device. Chief among these upgrades is the 40mm drivers that, according to Beats, have “been engineered for optimal clarity [allowing for] near-zero distortion even at high volume”.

Of course, what would a pair of high-end headphones be without several audio-enhancing modes? You have Spatial Audio which is bolstered by a combination of dynamic head tracking plus built-in sensors to ensure an immersive experience. Active Noise Canceling is present to stop outside sound from seeping through. However, if you want to be aware of your surroundings, Beats is also equipping the headphones with Transparency Mode. 

Hardware features

Design-wise, the Studio Pro looks nearly identical to the Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones. The company didn’t really change a whole lot apart from making some interesting, yet subtle additions. One of the cups has a USB-C port, and if you connect a USB-C cable to the Studio Pro, it unlocks several extra features like access to “high-fidelity lossless audio”.

Users will also gain “three distinct sound profiles”, consisting of Beats Signature to provide “balanced tuning for music”, Entertainment for movies and video games, and a Conversation profile to optimize voices for “phone calls or podcasts.” The other cup sports a 3.5mm audio input. Nothing gets unlocked; it’s just your standard audio jack if you want a wired connection.

People using Beats Studio Pro headphones

(Image credit: Beats)

The headphones are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Because of this compatibility, the Studio Pro supports a wide variety of software for both operating systems from Apple’s Find My tool to Google Fast Pair. Other notable features of the Beats Studio Pro include UltraPlush cushions for “all-day comfort”, “multi-function on-ear” controls, and a 40-hour battery life. It is worth mentioning the battery supports quick charging via Fast Fuel. A short 10-minute charge “provides up to five hours of playback.”


You can order the Beats Studio Pro right now on either the official website or Amazon for $349.99 in the US, Canada, France, or Germany. You can pick from four different colors: Black, Deep Brown, Navy blue, and Sandstone. If you prefer to go to a brick-and-mortar store, the headphones will be available for off-the-shelf purchase on July 20. No word on when the Studio Pro will launch in the UK, Australia, or any other global region; although we did ask the company for more information.

It is good to see Beats return with a flagship device. For the past several years, the brand seems to have been content with simply rolling out earbuds like the Beats Fit Pro. There’s nothing wrong with any of the buds (in fact we like most of them), but you always want to see the big next-gen releases.

Stay tuned for our review of the Beats Studio Pro. In the meantime, check out TechRadar’s list of best headphones for 2023

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