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Square Enix is “considering various ideas” about further remasters of classic games

Square Enix is “considering various ideas” about its upcoming titles, including remasters of its classic older games.

Addressing investors at a recent shareholders’ meeting, the board was asked if it had plans to remaster further games from its archives, and the reply – whilst, admittedly, expertly non-committal – has fans hoping that the success of games like Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster will see further titles get spruced up for current-gen systems.

Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster has been well received. Are there plans to remaster other past titles?” asked a shareholder at the latest investor meeting (thanks, VGC). 

“Personally, I would like to play Xenogears.”

The response didn’t specifically confirm Square’s plans one way or the other (nor address the Xenogears fan’s specific desires at all). Instead, a member of the Square Enix board said: 

“We will refrain from sharing information about new titles, but we are considering various ideas within the company and hope that you will look forward to forthcoming announcements.”

As for the latest Final Fantasy game to release?

Final Fantasy 16 is a shining example of narrative-focused games at their best, boasting immersive storytelling and cinematic action that invites you into its richly detailed world,” we wrote in our Final Fantasy 16 review, awarding the game a full five out of five stars.

“The expansive, deeply immersive setting and cast of lovable, fully realized characters set a gold standard for Final Fantasy titles, offering something that is more than the sum of its parts.

“Overall, Final Fantasy 16 is an absolute triumph. It is a modernized Final Fantasy that breaks new ground for the series, boldly defying convention to produce something that stands apart from the rest of the series. Final Fantasy 16 itself, much like its protagonist, seeks to stand on its own terms, succeeding at this difficult task with skill and flair.”

If you want something to play while you wait for the next Square Enix remaster, Amazon Prime Day is on the horizon, and great Prime Day gaming deals are already popping up as we get closer to the main event. 

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