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Sony and Logitech team up to provide accessory kit for PlayStation Access controller

The first accessory kit for the PlayStation Access controller has been announced, and it’s coming from trusted hardware brand Logitech.

Launching in January, Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit includes a variety of extra modules to further assist players who’ll be making use of the PlayStation 5‘s upcoming accessibility controller, which itself is arriving on December 6 this year.

The Adaptive Gaming Kit will be purchasable from Logitech’s online store for $79.99 / £69.99. In the box, you’ll get two pairs of large and small button modules, two variable triggers, two light touch buttons, a soft game board and a set of labels for each part, allowing you to freely assign buttons based on your preferences. 

The modules can be connected to the PlayStation Access controller via its four 3.5mm expansion ports, so players can swap the individual parts in and out as required. That’s excellent news if you plan on playing a range of the best PS5 games with the Access controller.

Sony’s commitment to accessibility features has been very impressive on the software side, with titles like God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 2 both featuring extensive accessibility options to suit a wide range of players. That commitment seems to be carrying over to hardware now, too.

It’s fantastic to see that Sony is teaming up with known brands like Logitech to provide even more modules for the PlayStation Access controller. It’s a common thing to see third-party products receive official PlayStation licensing, as we did with the Backbone One PlayStation Edition and Victrix Pro BFG controller. Hopefully, that’ll also be the case with the PlayStation Access, with several brands adding their own bespoke parts for the upcoming accessibility controller in future.

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