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Some iPhone 15 Pro Max users are reporting OLED screen ‘burn in’

It hasn’t been a completely trouble-free launch for the iPhone 15 for Apple, and it looks as though there might be another problem to deal with on one of the models: image retention or ‘burn in’ that leaves a ghostly image on screen.

Image retention or ‘burn in’ has long been an issue with OLED panels, and it happens when the screen contents stay static for a long time, leaving a watermark of sorts. However, the latest OLED screens and devices are able to minimize the risk of it happening, and it hasn’t been a major problem in recent years.

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While we didn’t notice any screen burn in when putting together our iPhone 15 Pro Max review, the most expensive iPhone 15 model is apparently prone to developing the issue as per complaints from users (and reported by Phandroid and others).

We’ve seen reports of image retention on Reddit, on X (formerly known as Twitter), and on the official Apple community discussion forums. So far the iPhone 15 Pro Max seems to be the only model affected, though it’s difficult to get an idea of just how widespread this issue is becoming.

Replacement units

From the images that have been posted online, it looks as though the burn in problem can happen with any screen: we’ve seen pictures of ghostly keyboards and home screen icons staying in place on the displays, for example.

A lot of users are reporting that Apple has replaced their units for free, so if you are noticing the problem on your own iPhone 15 Pro Max, your best course of action is to get in touch with Apple – either through the official website or a local Apple Store – and ask about a replacement.

As yet, there’s been no acknowledgement from Apple that this is happening to the iPhone 15 Pro Max models. It’s possible that just a subset of these phone displays are affected, and that these can be replaced relatively quickly.

Even if the problem doesn’t end up being particularly widespread, it’s another issue that Apple and its suppliers could’ve done without. Apple recently acknowledged an overheating issue on the iPhone 15 Pro, which a fix has been issued for, and there have also been reports of iPhones mysteriously shutting off overnight.

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