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Skullcandy’s Dime 3 cheap earbuds are so small, I’d add them to my keyring

Skullcandy’s Dime 3 cheap earbuds are so small, I’d add them to my keyring

No, it’s not a car key fob, it’s a new set of earbuds made by Skullcandy

Hot on the heels of teeny-tiny earbuds from JLab (the JBuds Mini), the popular skull-branded Park City, Utah firm’s latest progeny promises even mightier features in a super-small case.

And Skullcandy isn’t new to this particular game either; the Dime 3 earbuds are the third in a lineup of Dimes, with the inaugural Skullcandy Dime having launched back in May 2021. 

So what’s new for 2023? First up, Skullcandy tells us that the battery life has been extended from 12 hours in the Dime 2 to a total of 20 hours in the third-gen Dimes. Also, you now get multipoint pairing, EQ presets (there’s Music, Bass Boost and Podcast to choose from), and a Stay Aware mode. 

And when you consider that there’s an IPX4 rating, built-in Tile-finding tech (lost ’em? You can call them from your Tile app), and that Dime 3’s on-ear controls also include volume tweaks, so you don’t need to find your phone if the music’s too loud, I think they’re an exciting proposition for the money.

How much money are we talking? Just $29.99, and they’re available from today, September 26, in Bone or Black (that’s around £25 or AU$50, but these prices are unofficial). 

Opinion: small is beautiful – Skullcandy’s mini, mightier earbuds are a sure-fire hit at this price

SkullCandy Dime 3 earbunds in 'bone' on white background

I do like the bone colorway  (Image credit: SkullCandy)

The rival JLab JBuds Mini earbuds will set you back $39.99 – and at this super-affordable level every dollar counts, so a $10 saving is huge. 

I should also mention the JLab Go Air Pop, my personal tip for bargain ‘buds at just $20, but I must concede that for $9.99 extra, Skullcandy’s cranium-toting tails emerging from a cute key fob-like case is an aesthetic I can get behind. 

Imagine latching the case to a bag or even your keyring? You can’t do that with most earbuds. 

In terms of sonic chops, Skullcandy has received mixed ratings from TechRadar under intense review, although our recent Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2 review revealed that the company is capable of good sound, with those over-ear headphones gaining a respectable four stars from us.

I predict that for this money, as long as the sound is passable, Skullcandy’s Dime 3 case will be gracing many a bag loop very soon (I mean look at that little fabric strap); and possibly even our best budget wireless earbuds roundup, if we can get our hands on a pair. Watch this space… 

SkullCandy Dime 3 earbuds and case, in black, on white background

Yes, there are actual holes in the case for the tails to peep through  (Image credit: SkullCandy)

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