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Silent Hill: Ascension may premiere on the scariest night of the year

Silent Hill: Ascension may be available to watch very soon, according to a Google Play listing. The upcoming interactive streaming series will apparently premiere on October 31 at 6pm PDT/ 9pm EST/ 1am GMT (November 1), if the listing is to be believed. 

Silent Hill: Ascension was first announced in a livestream in October 2022, hosted by Konami. This livestream announced Blooper Team’s Silent Hill 2, Townfall and Silent Hill f. It’s an interactive streaming series that was marketed as a way in which fans can shape the Silent Hill canon themselves. 

Each day, an episode will air, during which the player can log in to specific story events, puzzles, and decisions for a limited time. While you’ll be able to rewatch Silent Hill: Ascension, the cloud series will only be streamed once. Every choice the viewers make will determine character fates, relationships, and events in the branching narratives earning a place in Silent Hill canon forever.

While you don’t have to watch every episode live, it sounds like it could be very worthwhile to do so. In an interview with Polygon, Jacob Navok, Genvid CEO, discussed the importance of “crowd-control decision-making”. It’s going to be pretty exciting to see how the community experiences all the new monsters and characters in this upcoming series, not to mention how their reactions will shape the story itself.

Silent Hill: Ascension will have multiple main characters, all of whom are tormented by some terrifying Silent Hill monsters. “Lurking in the shadows, these monsters threaten to consume people, their children, and entire towns as they’re drawn into the darkness by both recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears”, the Google Play listing says. 

Only time will tell if we’re actually able to witness Silent Hill: Ascension on the scariest night of the year, but it sounds like, no matter when it premieres, it’s going to be a truly terrifying ordeal. 

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