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Save money on your mobile every single month

We’re in the middle of smartphone season with big launch events from big names – and big prices for the call and data plans they run on. Lebara has a better idea. Simply connect your phone to one of its brilliant Value Plans and you’ll save huge sums – and you won’t need to worry about roaming charges or hefty annual price rises either.

Whether you’re buying a SIM-free iPhone 15 or want to switch your existing phone to a better deal, Lebara is the smart choice for your smartphone – and it’s fantastic for feature phones too.

Why Lebara is the smart choice for every phone

Lebara does things differently, and that starts with the price: its Value Plans are available from just £5 for 5GB of data. And if you decide you need more, you can switch plans at any time without any switching fee, penalty or contract to worry about. Not only that, but you can change or cancel your plan at any time.

Each plan delivers lots of mobile data, and there’s more: unlike many networks, if you take your phone to the EU or to India, you don’t need to pay pricey roaming fees. You can travel worry-free, safe in the knowledge that you can use your UK calls and data package in all of those countries.

Cutting your costs doesn’t mean cutting corners

Lebara isn’t just about great value. It’s about a great network too. Lebara runs on the fast and reliable Vodafone network, which delivers rock-solid 5G throughout the UK and beyond. So you get premium network coverage without paying a premium price. That’s one of the reasons why Lebara are a Which? Recommended provider in 2023, ranking highest on value for money. 

Lebara’s customers rate the service highly too: they have left over 25 thousand TrustPilot reviews, giving Lebara a combined Excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5. It’s clear that whether you’re home or away, Lebara is the smartest choice for your smartphone.

Why are Lebara plans so cheap?

That’s a good question, and the answer’s simple: Lebara doesn’t spend money hiring famous actors for adverts, sponsoring giant concert venues or running expensive high street shops. That means it keeps its costs incredibly low, so it can afford to deliver high quality mobile calls and data without the high prices. When you compare Lebara’s plans with any of its big-name rivals, the differences – and the Lebara savings – are dramatic.

What plans are available for my mobile?

Let’s take the cheapest plan, the £5 per month deal. That gives you a whopping 5GB of 5G data plus 1,000 minutes of calling, 1,000 texts and 100 free international minutes too. That’s a fraction of what you’d pay one of the big-name operators.

The next plan is just £10 per month, and that gives you 20GB of 5G data, unlimited UK calls and texts and 100 international minutes. £15 per month boosts your 5G data allowance to a huge 30GB with unlimited UK calls and texts and even more international minutes: 500 international minutes to 42 different countries.

Do you spend a lot of time calling family or clients abroad? For just £20 per month you can get unlimited international minutes to 41 different countries, and that deal also includes a generous 1,000 minutes to India. And if you prefer video to voice, unlimited 5G data for great quality video calling is just £25 – and once again you get international minutes as well as unlimited UK calls and texts.

The prices are incredible, and they’ll stay that way: all of Lebara’s plans are SIM-only with no monthly contract and no annual price rises. All you need to do is provide the phone and Lebara takes care of the rest.

The smarter choice for smartphones

Smartphones can be expensive, but using them shouldn’t be – and with Lebara, you can get huge amounts of call time, texts and data without having to fork out huge piles of cash. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest plan for a SIM-free iPhone 15 or just want to get better value from your current phone, switching to Lebara is the smart choice for any phone.

Click here to find out more about Lebara’s brilliant phone and data plans and see how much you’ll save.

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