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Samsung’s S90C OLED Smart TV series gets its biggest upgrade yet

Samsung’s S90C OLED Smart TV series gets its biggest upgrade yet

Samsung has just expanded its 2023 OLED display lineup with its biggest offering yet: the Samsung 83-inch S90C OLED 4K Smart TV.

Sporting “a sleek LaserSlim design”, this latest model comes with all of the marquee features the series is known for such as its 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Since it is an OLED screen, colors on the Samsung 83-inch S90C should look vibrant as well. That screen quality is boosted even further thanks to the company’s Neural Quantum Processor tech. According to Samsung, this processor is able to “deliver content in dramatic detail… and [in] over a billion shades of lifelike color.”

The top-notch visuals isn’t the only area the 83-inch S90C excels in as it does have some impressive audio features. First, the smart TV supports Dolby Atmos allowing it to “deliver [a] realistic three-dimensional sound” – so long as you have the right equipment. To achieve this 3D effect, you will need a soundbar that supports the Dolby Atmos format. Samsung recommends getting something from its Q-series, but there are plenty of options out there like the Sony HT-G700. 

The other audio feature present is OTS or Object Tracking Sound, giving the new S90C model a way to imitate realistic sound effects for greater immersion.

Other notable features for the 83-inch S90C include a “built-in voice assistant to help find new shows” on streaming services plus the Samsung Gaming Hubfor quick access to various gaming platforms. Speaking of which, the TV also has a Game Motion Plus mode, bumping the refresh rate to 144Hz for a lag free experience.

Samsung S90C OLED TV 83-inch

(Image credit: Samsung)


You can purchase the 83-inch S90C Smart TV on Samsung’s website right now for $5,999.99. It appears the display is exclusive to the United States as we couldn’t find the model in other regions. Sizes for the S90C peak at 77-inches in those regions.

However, there is a chance the new TV could release elsewhere. Other countries like the UK do have the other three sizes (55, 65, and 77 inches) for the S90C. We asked Samsung if it has plans to launch the 83-inch version globally. This story will be updated at a later time.

It is currently unknown if the tech giant has additional plans to launch an 83-inch display for the higher-end S95C line (although we did ask). Those TVs are of better quality as they have Quantum Dot OLED screens as well as support for HDR10 Plus among other things. But there is one thing we’re sure of – the Samsung 83-inch S95C will be very expensive. For the sake of comparison, the 77-inch S95C normally retails for $4,499 whereas the 77-inch S90C costs $3,599. It’s quite the big jump. If Samsung tells us it’s working on a bigger TV for the line, we’ll let you know.

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