Palworld isn’t slowing down, hits 19 million players across Steam and Xbox

A screenshot of the video game Palworld.
Image: Pocketpair

Surprise viral gaming hit Palworld continues to reach new player milestones. Today, developer Pocketpair announced that the game has sold 12 million copies on Steam and reached 7 million players on Xbox. The Xbox number includes both sales and those who played via Game Pass, but the breakdown between the two isn’t clear.

According to Microsoft, though, these numbers make Palworld the biggest third-party (i.e. a game not made by an internal Microsoft studio) launch in Game Pass history. The company says it “recently” reached a “peak of nearly 3 million daily active users on Xbox, making it the most-played game on our platforms at that time.” (Which date that took place isn’t specified.)

Of course, we already knew Palworld was popular; the game sold 5 million copies in its first three days and has reached the second-highest all-time peak concurrent player count on Steam. But the news does show that the game may be more than just a flash in the pan viral sensation as sales continue to grow. All that success has garnered the attention of The Pokémon Company — which says that it will “investigate” the game after claims of plagiarism — as well as copycats releasing similar apps on iPhone and Android.

Palworld is still technically in early access, and the developers have outlined a road map for the future that includes raid bosses, PvP, and crossplay support.