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Oracle has shrunk its on-premise cloud offering down to a single rack

Oracle has announced the availability of its Compute Cloud@Customer on-prem cloud, which in its smallest state can fit onto a single rack.

Despite its on-prem status, Oracle will build, install, own, and remotely manage the infrastructure platform so that IT teams can focus on their increasing list of responsibilities, which recently have included having more say in finances as they begin to work more closely with CTOs amid a troubling economy.

Having control over Compute Cloud@Customer’s location also gives enterprises the power to exercise control over data residency and other compliance considerations.

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer on one rack

The hardware uses 4th Generation AMD EPYC processors, each with 96 cores, and fast DDR5 memory. Customers can choose to dynamically scale their setup to the sum of up to 2,208 cores in a single rack, and 6,624 cores overall (which would make it a three-rack system).

In the announcement, Oracle compared its setup to those of rivals: “This configuration provides you with 3.8 times the number of cores per rack as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outpost system and 1.4 times the number available with the densest Microsoft Azure Stack Hub system that we’ve been able to find.”

Storage ranges from 150 TB to 3.4 PB, however it is billable by consumption so those using less than 150 TB will pay a reduced rate accordingly. Storage can be configured as per customers’ requirements: object, block, and file. Oracle will also tailor the pricing based on cores.

Oracle sets its cost per core for Compute Cloud@Customer at $53 per month, compared with AWS Outposts’s $143 per month.

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