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Nvidia could be planning not one, but three new RTX 4000 Super graphics cards

Nvidia is readying a few new Lovelace models to challenge for a place on the list of our best graphics cards, or that’s the word from the GPU grapevine.

Wccftech spotted that Hongxing2020, a known leaker on X (formerly Twitter), flagged up the incoming release of three new Super variants, although didn’t provide any timeframe as to their possible arrival.

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The supposed refreshes Nvidia has planned are the RTX 4080 Super, the RTX 4070 Super, and in between those, the RTX 4070 Ti Super.

Naturally, get the saltshaker out, and a definite oddity here is that last model, the claimed ‘Ti Super’ which we’ll come back to discuss shortly.

No further details are provided, and neither did Hongxing2020 respond to any of the inevitable queries from other denizens of X later in the tweet. So, we’d be extra cautious about this one for now.

Analysis: Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super Max Ultimate?

Are three new models likely to be inbound? We don’t think so, but such refreshes are, of course, perfectly possible – it just seems more feasible that one or two could arrive rather than a trio. Obviously, we can’t rule anything out, but what we can do is look at the spinning from the rumor mill elsewhere to compare and contrast.

An RTX 4080 refresh has already been the subject of several pieces of speculation, so that seems more and more likely. Most notably another regular source of hardware leaks on X, MEGAsizeGPU, contended that an RTX 4080 Ti, or Super, variant is inbound (using the AD102 chip, as seen in the 4090) for early 2024.

Note that they weren’t sure about the naming, Ti or Super, and we don’t think anyone can be at this stage. We think it’s highly unlikely Nvidia will decide to throw in both those suffixes, as this has never been done before, and frankly it’d be confusing.

We think what’s most likely happening here is Hongxing2020 believes there will be two new spins on the RTX 4070, a Super, and something else, and that Nvidia will have to call the latter something, so that’s a guess as to what Team Green will plump for.

Again, we’re not buying that, and if there is indeed an RTX 4070 Super incoming, and a new spin on the existing RTX 4070 Ti as well, it’s more likely that Nvidia is planning to increase the VRAM on the latter, as rumored by RedGamingTech on YouTube recently. So, the name for this purported card would be the RTX 4070 Ti 16GB (it’d theoretically up the video memory from 12GB).

That we can envisage with a little more ease, as it’d effectively be two refreshes and likely a very minor additional refresh.

Time will tell, but if there really is a trio of new models in the pipeline, we’d imagine we’ll be hearing more about them soon enough. Meantime, staying skeptical is the safest bet, though as mentioned, the RTX 4080 Ti does seem to be a stronger and stronger possibility.

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