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Norton launches super-secure browser for Windows and Mac users alike

Popular antivirus vendor Norton has launched a new browser that it claims will enhance your privacy and security online. 

Available for both Windows and Mac, Norton Secure Browser hopes to tackle the dual threats of overly-persistent advertisers and the increasingly advanced attacks launched by cybercriminals.

Ben Wadors, Director of Browser and Search at Gen – the owners of Norton – said that, “we’ve built in some of our best technology and innovation to help protect people from new and persistent web-based threats and made it easy for them to choose what they share with advertisers.”

Privacy and protection

He added that in Norton Secure Browser, users can do this “all from a centralized security and privacy dashboard you can customize in seconds.” Wadors also emphasized its ease of use, claiming that, “there’s no frustration finding the right menu options or features to turn on.”

For instance, there is a feature called Privacy Guard, which allows users to block ads and trackers as they search and browse the internet. And Web Shield can detect and block fake sites, often used by threat actors to phish their victims that can lead to malware being downloaded.

There is also an integrated password manager to allow for easy login to websites, as well as preventing applications and malware from viewing or changing your passwords. 

Privacy and security focused browsers are becoming more popular as of late, perhaps due to the increased concerns people have with their online activity being snooped on. 

However, Google Chrome still remains the most popular web browser in the world, despite the tech giant’s not so stellar track record on the issue, which include its controversial new plans for a Web Environment Integrity (WEI) API, which detractors say will increase surveillance, among other negatives.

Norton Secure Browser is free and compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as macOS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey. 


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