Nintendo goes after the Palworld Pokémon modder

Screenshot from YouTuber ToastedShoes’ video, “I modded ACTUAL Pokemon into Palworld,” featuring Pokémon character Ash Ketchum in Palworld’s character creator.
Image: ToastedShoes

Nintendo has finally come for Palworld… in the form of issuing a takedown for a video of a mod that swapped all the Palworld pals for pokémon. Lol.

If you’re not one of the now 6 million players who’ve bought a copy of the game, here’s a quick explainer. Palworld is a multiplayer survival crafting game in which you use cute monsters called pals to harvest resources and build structures. Oh, and there are guns — you can shoot the pals with guns.

Days after Palworld’s early access launch and cosmic-level popularity explosion, YouTube creator ToastedShoes posted a short video on X (formerly Twitter) teasing his Pokémon Palworld mod.

Palworld already has a Pokémon mod,” ToastedShoes wrote on X. His claim was a bit misleading: according…

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