Netflix continues run of excellent indie games with Hades in March

Key art for Hades featuring the Prince Zagreus standing on a hydra skull against a hellish background
Image: Netflix

Netflix continues to strengthen its lineup of games with Hades launching on iOS mobile on March 19th. The launch comes with a fancy new trailer highlighting how mobile controls will work for the escape-from-hell roguelike and you can pre-register for the game here.

Hades represents the latest in a handful of popular games Netflix is adding to its growing roster. You can already play Oxenfree II, Kentucky Route Zero, Before Your Eyes, and Spiritfarer, while Katana Zero, Sonic Mania Plus, and Braid are due sometime this year. Late last year, Netflix added the Grand Theft Auto trilogy, which became its biggest gaming launch despite Netflix not sharing what “biggest gaming launch” meant in hard numbers. Netflix is also working on direct streaming of its games to TVs and PCs, testing the program in the UK, Canada, and to select users in the US.

Unfortunately, Supergiant is only working on an iOS release for Hades. Sorry, Android, you’ll have to play the game one of the old-fashioned ways while you wait for Hades II to launch in early access sometime this year.