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Microsoft Teams wants to take your Excel game to the next level

Crafting the ultimate Microsoft Excel spreadsheet could soon be more of a team effort than ever before, thanks to a new update.

The spreadsheet software will now offer users the chance to collaborate more smoothly whilst on a Microsoft Teams call with its new Excel Live feature.

This allows anyone on a video conferencing call to work together on an Excel worksheet during a meeting, including direct edits and additions, all updated and visible in real time.

Excel Live in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft says that the new addition will enable users to collaborate easier than ever before, allowing for frictionless co-working whilst on a Microsoft Teams call.

Users will be able to simply select the file they want to share to start editing directly in a meeting. Owners can then grant editing permissions to meeting participants, or simply enable all meeting participants to edit the document from the meeting window.

In its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, Excel Live is still described as being “in development” – however, it has a scheduled general availability date of March 2023, meaning users shouldn’t have to wait too long to get their hands on it.

Upon release, Excel Live will be available for users on PC and Mac, as well as mobile users with Android or iOS devices.

Microsoft has been hard at work providing a number of updates for Excel and Teams in recent months as it looks to ensure its platforms are useful and intuitive for customers across the world.

Microsoft Excel recently rolled out a new “@mentions” expansion that will allow users to tag their co-workers, both within an organization and outside. These tags can be requests for edits, adding more information, or just clarification on a certain point.

The company also recently included the ability to add hyperlinks into comments added to spreadsheets, rather than having to copy and paste from plaintext as had previously been the case.

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