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macOS Sonoma has a whole host of security fixes – should we be worried?

The highly anticipated macOS 14 Sonoma, filled to the brim with exciting new features, may already have been the target of cybercriminals, experts have warned..

Just 24 hours after its release, Apple has released an update to the new software that patches 61 apparent security issues.

The full list of fixes, available here, included issues with the App Store, Bluetooth, iCloud, Maps, Messages, Music, and many more, with users advised to update immediately.

Serious breaches or business as usual?

While it isn’t rare for a patch of this kind to be released soon after a day-one release, the vulnerabilities listed raise questions around how secure this latest OS from Apple is.

Of the 61 vulnerabilities found and patched, nine included app access to sensitive user data, four included apps being able to bypass privacy settings, and three included app access to sensitive user location information, alongside a whole host of kernel related issues – luckily all of which have been patched.

The update comes just days after Apple released emergency fixes for three serious iOS and macOS bugs that allowed hackers to install and run malware on user devices. 

Patches such as these highlight the importance of keeping operating systems up to date for both individuals and businesses as exploits can cause catastrophic damage if successful in retrieving sensitive user or financial data.

Apple recently released its Rapid Security Response feature to both macOS and iOS devices, allowing the rapid installation of security patches as they are released without restarting the device or interrupting user experience, better protecting devices from security breaches and bug exploitation.

macOS 14 Sonoma was released to the public on September 26 2023. If you are looking to install the latest version, why not take a look at our handy installation guide or read through some of the exciting features available on this latest operating system from Apple.

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