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Loki season 2 episode 1 post-credits scene explained

Loki season 2 episode 1 post-credits scene explained

Full spoilers follow for Loki season 2’s first episode.

Loki season 2 has magicked its way onto Disney Plus – and yes, its first episode comes equipped with a traditional Marvel Studios post-credits scene.

The Marvel Phase 5 TV show follows in the footsteps of many other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) productions with a tantalizing tease of what’s to come. And, while the post-credits stinger in Loki‘s season 2 premiere isn’t as shocking and/or crowd-pleasing as others in Marvel’s back catalog of end-credits scenes, it’s nonetheless pretty interesting.

Before we dive into what it means for future episodes, be sure to read the Loki season 2 review to get our full thoughts on its first four entries. Once you’re done, read on – major spoilers ahead, so watch the episode first if you haven’t already – to learn more about episode 1’s post-credits scene.

Loki season 2 episode 1 end credits scene explained: where is Sylvie?

Sylvie stands in an orange lit hallway in Loki season 2

Loki season 2’s first episode has a Sylvie-centric post-credits scene. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Loki season 2’s first post-credits scene begins with viewers looking out onto a golden field. Within moments, a Timedoor – the Time Variance Authority’s (TVA) way of getting around on the so-called Sacred Timeline and its various branching realities – appears. Out of it steps Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a Loki variant who co-starred alongside the god of mischief in Loki season 1.

But wait, Sylvie hasn’t re-joined us on the Sacred Timeline. As a pop-up message quickly reveals, she’s traveled to 1982 Broxton, Oklahoma. Clearly, after killing He Who Remains – one of Kang the Conqueror‘s variants – in the Citadel at the End of Time in Loki‘s season 1 finale, Sylvie feels she’s due a vacation. And, erm, where better to visit than the 20th-largest state in the US? (I mean no disrespect to any Oklahoma-based citizens, I promise).

Anyway, Sylvie heads to a nearby town where she stumbles upon the fabled restaurant chain known as McDonald’s. Understandably, she gets more than a few curious looks from the fast food chain’s patrons as she makes her way to the counter. After all, she’s still wearing her blood-splattered outfit after she drove her sword into He Who Remains’ chest, so a couple of bewildered glances is the least she deserves.

Loki leans against a desk in the TVA in Loki season 2

Sylvie is McLovin’ it, but would Loki if he visited the fast food chain? (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

But we digress. Sylvie walks up to the server behind the counter and asks, “How do I do this?”, i.e. how do I order some much-needed grub. Responding to the employee’s own question of “What would you like?”, Sylvie amusingly replies: “Something that’s already dead. No squirrels, possums, or rats, or anything with a face.”

As the McDonald’s employee begins rattling off a list of the chain’s best sellers, including Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets, Sylvie turns to face the customers enjoying their meals. Considering what she’s been through over the last however-many-years – being kidnapped by the TVA, running into Loki, falling for him, and killing He Who Remains, among many other traumatic events – the mundanity of sitting in a McDonald’s, burger in hand, makes her misty-eyed.

Seemingly at peace for the first time in a long time, she responds to the server saying, “I want to try everything”. Bemused, he replies, “…okay” before the screen cuts to black.

Loki season 2 episode 1 post-credits scene explained: how does it set up the rest of the plot?

Sylvie working behind the counter at McDonald's in Loki season 2

Yep, that’s Sylvie working the counter at McDonald’s. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/McDonald’s)

Ah, that would be spoiling too much, too soon for you, dear reader. What I can say, though, is that Sylvie will eventually become a McDonald’s employee herself.

As Loki season 2’s official trailer, various teasers (including one that appears to spoil a key season 2 plot point), and even a McDonald’s tie-in advertisement showed, Sylvie will be working behind the counter when we (and Loki) are properly reunited her. Again, I won’t say anything else because it’ll ruin what’s to come in future episodes, but just know that Sylvie’s hiring by McDonald’s isn’t some meaningless subplot ahead of her formal reintroduction into the MCU.

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