Logitech’s best gaming mouse just got better

A hand holds up a jet black sculpted plastic mouse with a white scroll wheel and white words “Superlight” printed on the side.
Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

Logitech is rolling out a firmware update for its popular G Pro X Superlight 2 mouse this week that will enable 4kHz response rates. The higher polling rate is designed for high DPI / low in-game sensitivity players who play esports PC games, which is who Logitech markets its Superlight series of mice toward.

A higher polling rate on a mouse essentially means that when a frame is rendered, you get a more recent and accurate cursor position shown on your screen. The time delay between your cursor and where it’s being displayed on your screen is reduced the higher the polling rate.

High polling rates sound great, but they only kick in when your mouse needs to reach that rate. So a 4KHz polling rate doesn’t mean your mouse is constantly providing 4,000 updates a second; rather, it just means that it’s capable of doing so.

How all of this translates into a perceivable difference is still up for debate, though. YouTuber Optimum, who does some seriously in-depth PC gaming tech videos, looked at higher polling rates a few months back. Optimum found that you’ll need to set a DPI of 1,600 or above to reach a peak saturation point to force the mouse to update enough to take advantage of a 4kHZ mode, and even then, there’s no obvious sign of an improved smoothness or response.

If you do want to enable the 4kHZ mode on the G Pro X Superlight 2, then the firmware update is available through the G Hub app right now. You’ll need to plug the mouse into your PC, as both the mouse and the wireless receiver get updated firmware. The new 4kHZ mode will take up more battery life, though, but that’s the price you have to pay to maybe hit that vital head shot a little bit quicker.