Humane’s AI Pin is slightly delayed, now comes with months of free service

A picture of two hands holding the box for Humane’s AI Pin.
Image: Humane

Humane announced that its AI Pin would start shipping in March, but there’s been a small delay. Early adopters are now being told orders will arrive in mid-April at the earliest, according to a video update from Humane staffer (and Verge alumnus) Sam Sheffer and emails we saw in Humane’s official Discord channel.

On the plus side, the company says it’ll now throw in three months of its pricy $24-a-month subscription for free with the $699 pin — and will do so for any other customers who buy one before March 31st, too.

(The $24 pays for the pin’s cellular data, among other things — it’s got its own phone number rather than piggybacking entirely on your phone.) Sheffer also says the Pin now has free shipping.

While we’ve been openly skeptical about the AI Pin and the screenless future it claims to represent — or even the somewhat-screened future of the Rabbit R1 — we’re still getting mighty close to seeing what proof might lie inside the AI Pin pudding. I, for one, am eager to see if it’s got velvety custard inside.