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Hulu’s Black Friday offer is 2022’s best streaming TV deal – but it ends on Cyber Monday

Black Friday might be over, but the biggest sales event of the year isn’t. Cyber Monday – which technically begins on November 28 – marks the real end of some remarkably good online deals. If you’re in the market for some new tech before time runs out, you’ll need to check out our Cyber Monday deals page.

When it comes to the world’s best streaming services, there’s always one platform that receives a hefty discount around Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Hulu. And, with Cyber Monday marking the end of the busiest sales period of the last 12 months, the Disney-owned streamer has gotten in on the act again.

Right now, new and returning customers can sign up to a 12-month Hulu subscription for just $1.99 per month at That works out to less than $24 for the entire year, although you’ll be signing up to the ads-based tier if you take advantage of this offer. Still, if you’re not bothered about a few adverts being shown every so often during you binge watch sessions, this is a truly spectacular deal – and one you can cancel at any point if you’re not enjoying what’s on offer.

Hulu: Pay $1.99 a month for a whole year
Hulu never disappoints when it comes to its Black Friday/Cyber Monday Hulu deals offering. Sign up to its With-Ads plan (usually costing $7.99 a month) and pay just $1.99 a month for their first year. With a whole host of critically acclaimed TV shows and movies, this is entertainment not to be missed. Even better, once subscribed, you can add Disney Plus for only $2.99 extra a month and enjoy both for under $5. This deal expires Monday, November 28, so snap one up now.View Deal

This streaming deal ends with Cyber Monday, too – once November 28 makes way for November 29, you won’t be able to purchase a Hulu ads-based subscription for under $24 for a good while. So, you’ll definitely want to sign up to one.

Still not convinced? Let us to tell you why it’s a cracking offer.

For starters, Hulu’s back catalog is surprisingly fantastic. There are a number of great shows to check out, covering a wide range of genres so fans of all kinds will find something worth streaming.

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear

The Bear isn’t just a fantastic Hulu show – it’s one of the best series of 2022. (Image credit: Hulu)

In the past two years alone, some of the best Hulu shows of all-time have been released on the platform. Only Murders in the Building, Ramy, The Bear, Pam & Tommy, PEN15, and Reservation Dogs are just six examples of the high quality entertainment available on Hulu – offerings that have regularly received nominations on the awards circuit, too. In the US, these TV series are only available to watch on Hulu (they’re streamable on Disney Plus in the UK) so you’ll need a Hulu subscription if you want to catch these top-tier shows on one side of the Atlantic at least.

There are plenty of great Hulu movies to discover, too. From Palm Springs and Run, to Prey and Fresh, Hulu runs the gamut of genres to deliver a great package of the best Hulu movies around.

Away from its original content, a Hulu subscription also provides other benefits. Stumping up the cash gives you the option to try out HBO Max, Warner Bros Discovery’s streaming platform, for free for a week. 

By signing up to a Hulu subscription, you can select an add-on to grab a seven-day HBO Max free trial. Even with HBO Max’s own Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, Hulu’s add-on represents significant value for money as it’s the only way you can try out HBO Max for nothing, and catch up on House of the Dragon and The Batman. Not too shabby, eh?

Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez peep round a door in Only Murders in the building season 2

Only Murders in the Building is a ridiculously fun Hulu series. (Image credit: Hulu)

Additionally, Hulu is one of the cheaper streaming options around. Ordinarily, it’s the second least expensive streamer, with its ads-based subscription costing just $7.99 per month. That means Hulu is only bested by Apple TV Plus ($4.99 a month) when it comes to purchasing a subscription in the US. Other alternatives, such as Netflix ($9.99 per month), HBO Max ($9.99), and Prime Video ($8.99) might have bigger libraries. But, when it comes to saving money on a streaming subscription, Hulu is right up there even when the Cyber Monday sales aren’t taking place.

Admittedly, Hulu’s Cyber Monday offer for 2022 isn’t as good as its predecessor. Last year, a 12-month Hulu subscription could be purchased for less than $12 – that’s $0.99 per month. Even so, signing up to this year’s $1.99 per month deal is spectacular value for money, with potential customers saving themselves $72 if they do so.

In a year when the cost of living crisis has seen everyday prices spiral – and people subsequently cancel their streaming service subscriptions –  this Cyber Monday deal is well worth considering. Sure, HBO Max’s own offer is equally tempting, but that $1.99 a month deal runs out after three months, whereas Hulu’s lasts for the entire year. For those looking to save as much money as possible from a streaming subscription, Hulu wins hands down – and that, more than anything, is why I’ll be picking one up this Cyber Monday.

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