Google’s Pixel 8 phones now come in a new mint color

A photo of Google’s mint Pixel 8 Pro.

Google wasn’t exactly subtle with its teases earlier this week, and now the company has confirmed that it’s launching both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in a new mint green color. The latest color option is a bit muted compared to the “bay” blue 8 Pro. But if you’re a fan of the smaller regular Pixel 8, this is your first chance at a color beyond the very safe black, hazel, and rose gold options that have been available since the phone shipped back in October.

For both phones, mint is only available with the base 128GB of storage. If you need more than that, you’ve gotta stick with the original colors. Google sent a sample of the 8 Pro over to me, and a pamphlet included in the package describes mint as “inspired by the vibrant hue you’d find in nature” and “a luminous color that invites the mind into a state of energizing calmness.” Yes, there’s more. It’s “a color that’s equal parts daring, focused, and optimistic for a fresh new year, and a fresher version of you.” Right. Whatever you say, Google design team.

A photo of Google’s mint Pixel 8 Pro.

Seeing it in person, daring isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind. In most indoor light, mint can look almost white. Hit it with some natural light, and the color comes out a bit more. It’s tasteful, but if you were hoping for a saturated seafoam green-type finish, this isn’t that. At the very least, it’s giving buyers more choice, with both Pixel 8 models now available in four different colors. I’d be curious to see whether the glossy glass on the smaller standard 8 makes mint pop a bit more than it does on the matte 8 Pro.

Personally, the blue is still far and away my favorite because it’s the most colorful of the lot — and that’s something sorely lacking from a lot of “pro” smartphones these days. But if you prefer a less in-your-face option, maybe mint’s just the thing. Most phones inevitably find their way into cases, anyway. (Google’s already got mint covered there.)

A photo comparing two colors of Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.
Google’s porcelain Pixel 8 Pro (left), with the new mint color (right).

The mint Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will be exclusively available from the Google Store — carriers and retailers won’t be getting them — and you can also purchase either phone through Google Fi. US customers will be able to buy the new color starting on January 25th. In addition to releasing the new color, Google is also detailing the latest feature drop for its Pixel devices, which you can read more about here. Meanwhile, the leaks for this year’s Google phones have already begun.

Photography by Chris Welch / The Verge