Google is using AI to organize and customize your Chrome browser

An illustration of Google Chrome’s AI features.
Chrome’s AI features are simple for now — but bigger things are coming. | Image: Google

Google’s Chrome browser is leaning into AI in a big way. Rather than just shove a Bard sidebar into the browser, Google is rolling out a couple of features that tap into its models in order to hopefully make your browser a little more pleasant to use. They’re launching today in an experimental mode (you can go to settings and turn on “Experimental AI” to get them), and Google says they’re just the beginning of the AI browser takeover.

Chrome’s new Tab Organizer feature is the most compelling: you can right-click on a Chrome tab and select “organize similar tabs,” and Chrome will attempt to create a tab group filled with similar stuff. If you’re shopping for something, deep diving some esoteric subject, or just opening all your news…

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