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Google Cloud – here’s why we can be your perfect business partner for generative AI

With generative AI becoming an ever-present in businesses across the world, Google Cloud has doubled down on its commitment to providing the best technology it can for its customers and partners.

Speaking at the company’s Google Cloud Next London event, several top executives were keen to emphasise how big a role generative AI tools can play in its successes going forward.

“We have the right platform to help developers build with AI, we have the right products to help everyone use AI, and we are fortunate to have the right partners to make sure every organization can use AI,” Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud Go to Market declared.

Google Cloud AI

Also speaking at the event, Helen Kelisky, Managing Director of Google Cloud UKI, noted that Google had effectively been an “AI company” since CEO Sundar Pichai declared this ambition for the company back in 2016.

Fox-Martin added this move, “has effectively given us a head start of over 10 years” with the company working on AI ever since, an effort she said had put Google firmly at the forefront of innovation and leadership, adding “we’ve made it our mission to put this head start to good use.”

“We’re seeing an unprecedented pace of innovation,” she noted, “generative AI has not only captured our imagination, but in many cases, made that imagination actionable.”

This innovation extends to its users, with Kelisky highlighting that not just 40% of FTSE 100 were Google Cloud customers, but also 60% of UK generative AI unicorns, as well as 70% of the generative AI startups headquartered in the UK.

Going forward, it’s clear that Google Cloud wants to keep this development going, and the company’s portfolio means it’s well-set to do so.

“Google is unique in the industry in that we provide first-party models that we curate, open source models, and a variety of third-party models through the model garden,” noted Phil Moyer, the company’s VP Global AI & Business Solutions.

But importantly, the company is also placing security and safety at its AI development, pledging to protect private data being used by companies to adapt foundational models for specific use cases.

“Our commitment to you is that your data is your data, and your training is your training,” noted Moyer.

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