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Genso Meta Resolves Uncommon NFT Glitch

Genso Meta, the metaverse version of “Elemental Knights Online,” recently faced an uncommon Glitch related to its imports and exports, but the good news is that the team announced that it has now resolved these concerns.

-Glitch”>An Uncommon Glitch

The team discovered an uncommon glitch that occurred when players tried to export gears that had been previously imported into the game. This glitch caused the of the gear to be exported successfully, but the gear itself remained in the game, resulting in two versions of the same gear with the same TokenID.

This glitch caused problems when one owner successfully exported the while the other owner tried to export the gear later. In such cases, the export process failed because the Genso Meta team did not have possession of the corresponding TokenID.

Measures Taken to Resolve the Issues

To address this glitch, the Genso team implemented various measures during the scheduled maintenance to prevent the glitch from happening again. However, users who imported s with the same TokenID list are facing some limitations.

If one owner has already exported the , the other owner with the same TokenID cannot export the item. The team has, therefore, put a system condition in place for these situations. The last person to import the will be permitted to export it.

Another Scheduled Maintenance

For owners with the same TokenID who are currently not permitted to export their items, the team will perform another round of scheduled system maintenance on March 14th, 2023. The team will prepare a fully equivalent for these owners. However, until the system maintenance is conducted, owners cannot deposit their items in Postal Storage.

TokenIDs with Exporting Issues

The TokenIDs with exporting issues due to their simultaneous existence are as follows:

  • 100000000100133
  • 100000000104105
  • 10000000011755
  • 10000000012055
  • 100000000136200
  • 100000000139177
  • 100000000139200
  • 100000000158420
  • 100000000167910
  • 10000000017364
  • 10000000029451
  • 100000000335570
  • 100000000395120
  • 100000000398779
  • 1000000003981590
  • 100000000412757
  • 100000000431400
  • 100000000440161
  • 10000000046435
  • 100000000466320

The Genso Meta development team has done an excellent job in addressing the glitch that was causing confusion among its users. If you have any questions about the said resolved glitch, make sure to reach out to the Genso Meta team on their social media accounts.

About Genso Meta

Gensokishi Online — Meta World (Genso Meta) is the web3 version of the 3DMMORPG game, “Elemental Knights Online (Gensokishi Online)”. Genso Meta utilizes technology, allowing gamers to profit and enjoy new games, build parties with friends, kill monsters, obtain valuable items, and engage with adventurers from all over the world.

Elemental Knights Online

Elemental Knights Online, abbreviated as Elenai, is an MMORPG set in a stunning 3D fantasy world where players can embark on exciting adventures and engage in real-time battles with other players. The game boasts a vast and sprawling landscape, complete with awe-inspiring dragons and legendary weapons.

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