Fortnite was down all day

Promotional image for the new season of Fortnite, showing the season’s new character skins around the game’s logo.
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: Myths & Mortals | Image: Epic Games

The launch of Fortnite’s Greek mythology-themed Chapter 5: Season 2 had been on hold since early this morning after the usual downtime for maintenance didn’t end on schedule. Epic usually takes the servers down at 3AM ET to prepare for a big update, but only for a few hours. This time, the battle royale game stayed offline until well into Friday evening.

After 9PM ET, players started to report they were able to download updates and get into the game. However, many people say they’re still waiting in queues to log in or getting error messages when they try to play.

The Fortnite Status account on X has posted that the developers are working on issues with islands, purchasing items, and matchmaking problems, while the Epic Games status page tracking downtime related to the v29.00 update says everything is operational now that the maintenance window is over.


The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Posted 58 minutes ago. Mar 09, 2024 – 03:01 UTC

Update March 8th, 11:03PM ET: Updated to note the game is coming back online and latest information about ongoing issues.