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ExpressVPN just raised its security game as new feature-packed update unveiled

ExpressVPN just raised its security game as new feature-packed update unveiled

Already topping our best VPN ranking for a while now, ExpressVPN just unveiled a bunch of feature-packed updates to offer even more value to its users. Releasing a series of new features across its apps, you can now take advantage of an ad-blocker, generous upgrades to its existing server network, and even more simultaneous connections.

As people are expected to share increasingly more data online, the popular VPN provider seeks to implement broader protection for a growing digital footprint.

All of the new tools are available at no extra cost across ExpressVPN’s Windows, iOS, and Android VPN apps. They are expected to be released for Linux and Mac by the end of this year.

ExpressVPN’s revamp

“ExpressVPN’s services help millions of users take control of their digital lives every day, so we constantly strive to deliver more value and a better experience to them,” said Samuel Bultez, Head of Product, ExpressVPN.

The secure VPN provider’s revamp includes five new tools and improvements, including: 

  • Ad blocker: if you’re tired of annoying and invasive ads disturbing your browsing experience, turn on ExpressVPN’s new tool filters out most display ads and stops them from loading on your browser. 
  • Adult site blocker: an extension of already existing advanced protection features, it uses open-source blocklists for blocking adult-sites. It’s a great feature to give parents more control over the content their children can access.   
  • Bigger server network: you can now grant access to an even more diverse range of IP addresses and locations as ExpressVPN boosted up its network from 94 to 105 countries. 
  • Expanded multiple-device policy: not just more servers, the provider got bigger in its devices allowance as well, passing from five to eight simultaneous connections with just one subscription.
  • Auto-update feature: available on ExpressVPN desktop apps only, it means you’ll need no more to manually update your app to the latest version for the best security. 

Express explains that the new ad and adult-site blocker is meant to be used alongside its pre-existing Threat Manager system—a web tracker and malware blocker that you can turn on and off directly from the settings menu. 

Head to the advanced protection settings tab to toggle on the new protections, which are available for Windows, Android, and iOS so far. Linux and Mac support is expected to be released sometime in the next couple of months.

While the auto-update feature is available on desktop only at the time of writing, the provider explained this can be really handy, especially for people living under internet restrictions for it might be difficult to keep up with manual updates.

ExpressVPN's advanced protection settings tab on its iPhone app

Advanced protection gives you greater parental control and peace of mind. (Image credit: ExpressVPN)

The 12 new server locations are Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, Lebanon, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago. All the servers in these countries are ExpressVPN’s 10 Gbps servers so users should expect fast speeds and reliable connections.

A more generous multi-device policy also translates into greater value. You can now connect up to eight devices at once, meaning that you might be able to protect all your household with just one subscription.

“We are proud of the incredible lineup of new features and service improvements, which give our users more ways to protect themselves at no extra cost,” said Bultez. 

“We can’t wait for everyone to try out these new updates, and will continue to look for ways to improve our service to help meet our users’ evolving online needs.”

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