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EA wants to remake Dead Space 2, but I just want an original game

A Dead Space 2 or 3 remake could be on the cards if a survey from EA is to be believed, but I’m honestly not too excited about that idea.

EA may be looking to capitalize on the success of the Dead Space remake by refurbishing the other two games in the series. While EA has not yet confirmed the possibility of Dead Space 2 or 3 remakes, a survey was leaked by Gloomwood dev Dillion Rogers on Twitter that shows questions as to whether fans would be “interested” in further remakes. 

A couple more remakes seem like an easy win, and while that’s great for EA and its bottom line, it may not be a good thing for fans of this series or any other older IP who desperately just want some new content instead of a steady slew of remakes. 

Just because you could doesn’t mean you should 

Isaac is pinned down by an enemy

(Image credit: EA)

I enjoyed my time aboard the USG Ishimura; slicing through all the mutant monstrosities and reveling in the derelict ruins of the once-great planet cracker brought me immense satisfaction. However, a part of me still felt like the remake was a clever cash grab. Instead of taking a chance and making a new Dead Space game, I thought EA played it safe with a title that would play on nostalgia.

After an hour of running through the halls of the broken spacecraft, I realised that I had seen this all before and knew exactly where the narrative was heading. As someone with a massive backlog of unplayed games to get through, I couldn’t help but think this was a waste of time.

But that’s not the worst part of the Dead Space remake. The worst part is that games like this could become the new norm for older and beloved franchises. I don’t want the rest of my life to become a cycle of replaying Dead Space, The Last of Us, and Resident Evil remakes. That would be worse than any horror game I could think of.

Saying goodbye to the old 

Isaac flies around in zero gravity

(Image credit: EA)

As I said before, I have quite a backlog of games I need to play, so buying a remake for $70 and spending hours playing it all over again doesn’t seem like the best use of my time or money.

This remake won’t miraculously jump to the top of my list and push out new games with yet-unseen stories

Despite my undying love for the series, I won’t be playing the Resident Evil 4 remake for similar reasons. This beloved installment of the Resident Evil series was one of the first survival horror games I had ever played and was a big reason why I’m still so obsessed with the genre, but I feel like my time with that game has passed. Now I’m showered with new survival horror games like Sons of the Forest that present me with interesting situations and beasts I haven’t seen before. 

That’s not to say that I will never play this remake. Suppose I find myself in a situation where my long list of games miraculously disappears, or I have a suspicious amount of free time; I may run around Spain again, killing cult members and trying to rescue the President’s daughter. But one thing is for sure; this remake won’t miraculously jump to the top of my list and push out new games with yet-unseen stories that’ll surprise me and keep me guessing.

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