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Colony sim from a team of Rimworld modders is coming to early access next month

Vivid Storm Interactive has announced that its survival colony sim game Ascent of Ashes will launch in early access on November 15 for Steam.

The release date news was revealed alongside a YouTube video where the team showcased the game’s new content and upcoming features, as well as how the game has both visually and technically changed for its early access launch.

“Mark your calendars,” the developer said. “The scope of the game is big as we’re committed to bringing the best colony sim experience to players. Because of this, we’ll be keeping players up to date on milestones and progress regularly.”

Ascent of Ashes was created by a team of former RimWorld modders, best known for their popular Combat Extended mod, and finds the player surviving an alien planet following a societal collapse.

Players will need to build their homes where they can rest, farm crops, tame alien beasts, and utilize salvaged technology to fortify their base against enemies. 

The developer mentions that there is more to the point-and-click combat in Ascent of Ashes, explaining that there’s a “detailed hit simulation and health system” which means that even non-lethal hits can incapacitate the player if they’re not careful.

The game’s post-apocalyptic, procedurally generated world is big, but players will be able to travel and explore the many different biomes and points of interest by using restored vehicles. Along your way, you’ll also encounter other survivors who each have their own unique personality and motivations. 

“As colony leader, it is up to you to find and recruit capable survivors to fill gaps in your roster against ever-increasing challenges. Can you keep everyone happy, secure, and motivated?”

Additionally, Vivid Storm explains that the enemy AI is “dynamic” and will possess “varying degrees of intelligence”. Whether they are a band of raiders or a squad of well-trained Remnant soldiers, each enemy type has different capabilities in combat. 

Ascent of Ashes will also have a featured demo available during Steam Next Fest from October 9-16, so you’ll be able to check it out ahead of the early access release.

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