Apple’s self-repair program now includes M3-powered Macs

The M3 Max MacBook 16 in space black in front of a teal and white background.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple has expanded its Self Service Repair program to include the MacBook Pro and iMac models powered by its M3 processor. That means users with the company’s latest Mac hardware can now access the tools, parts, and repair manuals they need to fix their devices from Apple’s self-repair website.

Additionally, Apple plans on making its remote diagnostic tool available to customers with M3 Macs starting next month. The tool, which Apple first introduced for M2 Macs and the iPhone 15 late last year, allows users to test devices to ensure “optimal part functionality and performance,” while also identifying any parts that might need repair.

Apple also says it’s streamlining the System Configuration process for “all Mac models.” The change will no longer require Mac users to contact Apple support to validate the repairs they’re making, which has been criticized as an unnecessary step. Apple notes that its team “will still be available to assist as needed,” and that the updated process will arrive in countries where Self Service Repair is available next month.

Apple first launched its Self Service Repair program in April 2022 and has been building it out ever since. The company also announced a nationwide right-to-repair commitment last year. However, Apple was caught lobbying against a right-to-repair bill in Oregon earlier this month that would rule out parts pairing, a requirement that companies like Apple impose that prevents users from repairing a device with aftermarket parts.