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Apple Watch 9 database leak suggests it’ll launch alongside the iPhone 15

If you’re thinking about picking up one of the best smartwatches on the market, you might want to hold off for a few weeks: a filing for a device that is almost certainly the Apple Watch 9 has appeared in a Bluetooth database, suggesting it’s launching soon.

The database filing, picked up by MacRumors, doesn’t mention the Apple Watch 9 by name, and nor does it tell us much about the design or specs of the wearable – except that it’s going to come with Bluetooth support, as you would expect.

However, it does seem to show that Apple is on course for its usual September unveiling for its smartwatch. Remember that the Apple Watch 8 was first announced by Apple on September 7, 2022, as part of the iPhone 14 launch event.

It looks as though something similar is going to happen this year as well, with the Apple Watch 9 and the iPhone 15. The rumor is that we might even get a new iPad mini at the same time, making it a very busy event for new Apple products.

The rumors so far

While this particular link doesn’t reveal too much about Apple’s next smartwatch, there has been a fairly steady flow of leaks and rumors about the device. One of the main upgrades we’re expecting is a new processor, which should also mean better battery life.

It would be the first major chipset upgrade since the Apple Watch 6, so we’re expecting a significant improvement in the responsiveness of the interface and the speed with which the Apple Watch 9 can power through tasks and switch between apps.

Apparently the device is going to be available in pink as well as the usual colors, while a new strap has also been rumored. However, in terms of major design changes, we may have to wait for the Apple Watch X scheduled to appear next year.

It sounds as though the chipset upgrade is going to be coming to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 as well, so it’s set to be a big year for Apple wearables. Don’t forget that watchOS 10 will be arriving at the same time, bringing with it a selection of new features too.

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