AI gadgets, bendy phones, and more from MWC

An image of a person walking with a MWC sign in the background.
Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

There’s one thing you can count on at Mobile World Congress: a whole mess of Android smartphones. This year’s conference in Barcelona, Spain, delivered, with new devices from Xiaomi, Nothing, and others showing off the state of the art in the smartphone world.

But there was something else brewing at this year’s MWC: some new ideas about what a “mobile device” might really mean. As generative AI changes the way we interact with technology, devices like the Humane AI Pin are starting to chart a path past the slab of glass in your pocket. Some of those slabs of glass are becoming more than just bundles of apps.

MWC goers also saw a few new smartwatches, Samsung showed off its smart ring, and Lenovo asked the most important questions of all: what if your phone could wrap around your wrist like a snap bracelet, and what if you could see through your laptop screen to all the spectacular sights on the other side?

On this episode of The Vergecast, we talk all about MWC with The Verge’s Jon Porter and Allison Johnson, who were there to see and touch and chat with all the new gadgets. They tell us what’s cool, what’s vaporware, and whether they left Barcelona with any new ideas about the post-smartphone world.

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