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4th of July mattress sales 2023: there’s still time to buy

4th of July mattress sales 2023: there’s still time to buy

Independence Day might have been and gone, but most of 2023’s 4th of July mattress sales are still running, so if you forgot to pick up a bargain bed on the day itself, there’s still time to find what you’re after.

There are some impressive savings to be had on many of the best mattresses in this year’s 4th of July sales, and we’ve rounded up the best deals here so you can find what you need, fast. While the 4th of July doesn’t generally deliver discounts as big as the ones we see on Black Friday or Memorial Day, there are some solid offers to be had, including up to $500 off Saatva mattresses and up to 25% off mattresses at Casper. And if you’re interested in the best mattress for side sleepers, the Helix Midnight is currently on sale at $999 for a queen size, which is the cheapest price we’ve seen it for.

Keeping track of all the 4th of July mattress sales can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ll be keeping this page updated with all the top deals as we find them. We’re regularly monitoring the latest mattress sales and watching prices, so we’re in a good position to know whether a discount’s worth your time or not; if it’s listed here then it’s the real deal.

Our 4th of July mattress sale guide includes only the top offers, chosen based on their value for money and how well we rated the mattresses during testing. Many come with free bedding bundles to boost your savings too, although we’re seeing a bit of a trend towards no bundles and lower prices at the moment.

Read on to discover the best deals available today, from mattresses through to mattress toppers and even pillows.

4th July mattress sales 2023: quick links

4th of July mattress sale: Expert’s pick

Saatva Classic Mattress: was $1,095 now from $895 at Saatva
Luxurious innerspring – Saatva’s July 4th early bird sale takes between $200 and $500 off when you spend over $1,000. That’s a fairly standard Saatva sale, and it means you can buy the Saatva Classic in a queen size for $1,695, however because Saatva has just increased many of its prices, it also means that the twin size is included in the sale. You’ll get a 1-year trial, lifetime warranty, and complimentary white glove delivery. Check out our Saatva Classic mattress review to learn why we rate this one so highly.View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: today’s best deals

Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam mattress: was $619 now from $399 + free bedding at Cocoon by Sealy
Affordable cooling –
We’re all used to seeing prices creep up at the moment, but impressively his 10-inch medium-firm memory foam mattress is actually cheaper now than it was in last year’s 4th of July mattress sale. You’ll find the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress in our best memory foam mattress and best cooling mattress guides. Its cover is made from phase-change material to regulate your temperature as you sleep, making it an excellent budget option for hot sleepers. A queen size costs the same as the Nectar ($699) and you get free pillows and sheets included.View Deal

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: was $599 now from $359 at Nectar
Great price –
Nectar’s entry-level full foam mattress is already excellent value — and early 4th of July sales are sweetening the deal with 33% off everything. That brings the price of a queen down to $699 (from $1,049), and while this is actually standard Nectar pricing, it’s well below the average price you’d pay for this size mattress at most other brands. Need convincing that this lower mid-range memory foam mattress is legit? We sang its praises in our Nectar Mattress review for exceptional pressure relief and good temperature regulation. You get a full year to try it at home, as well, with an industry-leading forever warranty to back your purchase.View Deal

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: was $839 now from $499 at DreamCloud
Budget luxury – The DreamCloud is one of the best hybrid mattresses around, and it delivers lots of luxury features at a surprisingly affordable price; our DreamCloud mattress review can tell you why it’s such a winner. DreamCloud’s 4th of July sale takes 40% off its prices, bringing the price of a queen size down to just $799 – a lot cheaper than the comparable Saatva Classic.View Deal

The Casper mattress: was $595 now from $476 at Casper
Super affordable – Casper sales don’t come along very often, but for 4th of July it’s taking 20% off all mattresses, and there are discounts on bedding, bases and bundles too. The brand new The Casper all-foam mattress was already an affordable option and is now even more so. With 20% off, a queen size is reduced to an extremely reasonable $796, with free delivery, a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: Memory Foam

Saatva Loom & Leaf: was $1,295 now from $1,095 at Saatva
Up to $350 off – This luxurious foam-only bed from Saatva delivers top-notch pressure relief for back ache and sore joints, and its gel-infused foam stops it getting too warm. Saatva has just increased it prices on many of its mattresses, including the Loom & Leaf, but it’s reduced in the 4th of July mattress sales, getting you a queen size for $2,095.View Deal

Nectar Premier mattress: was $999 now from $699 at Nectar
Save 33% –
The Premier is Nectar’s mid-range mattress, and it’s made with gel memory foam and phase-change material to keep you cool. With 33% off in the Nectar 4th of July sale, a queen is now $999 rather than the usual $1,499. You’ll get free shipping, a forever warranty and a full year to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. View Deal

Tempur-Cloud Mattress: was $1,699 now from $1,189.30 at Tempur-Pedic
The Tempur-Pedic 4th of July sale gets you a 30% discount on its budget-friendly Tempur-Cloud full-foam mattress. That brings the price of a queen to $1,399.30 (was $1,999). Made with NASA-developed Tempur Material, you’ll experience all-body contouring and support. Low motion transfer means it’s a suitable choice for co-sleepers, too.View Deal

Puffy Cloud Mattress: was $1,449 now from $699 + free bedding bundle at Puffy
$1,350 savings – Rated medium-firm, the all-foam Puffy Mattress is the brand’s cheapest bed, but at 10 inches thick it’s no lightweight. It’s topped with layers of gel-infused Cooling Cloud Foam and Climate Comfort Foam that regulates temperature at night, and Puffy says that it delivers total motion isolation, making it ideal if you share with a restless partner. In the Puffy 4th of July sale you can get a queen size for $1,049, reduced from $1,799, with $600 of free bedding included.

Siena Memory Foam Mattress: was $499 now from $199 at Siena Sleep
$300 off –
The medium-firm Siena Memory Foam Mattress is a good budget option for your bedroom or for upgrading a guest room. It’s 10 inches tall, an average height for budget boxed mattresses, and uses gel memory foam to boost airflow. There’s also motion-reducing foam to isolate motion from your partner during sleep, with contouring memory foam to give you both a relaxing, body-hug feel. A queen size is down to $399 (was $699) in this year’s Siena 4th of July mattress sale; you’ll get 180 nights to trial it too, which is the same trial length as luxury brands such as Saatva. View Deal

Bear Original Mattress: was $748 now from $487 + free accessories at Bear Mattress
35% discount –
Bear Mattress has a 35% off sitewide sale ongoing for the 4th of July, and it’s one of the biggest discounts we’ve seen. The Bear Original is the brand’s most affordable cooling mattress, and it’s at the best price we’ve seen for it in over six months. The price of a queen has dropped from $998 to $649, while a twin is just $487. Add to that a free sleep bundle including pillows, sheet set and mattress protector, and you have an outstanding value for money. Memory foam mattresses are prone for trapping heat, but the Bear Original’s cooling graphite-gel memory foam will keep you comfortable and well-supported all night long. View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: Hybrid

Helix Midnight Mattress: was $936.30 now from $702.20 plus 2 free pillows at Helix Sleep
Save 25% – The Helix 4th of July mattress sale takes 25% off everything, bringing the price of the Midnight down to $999 for a queen; that’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen it. You’ll also get two free Dream pillows with your purchase. This is a solid deal for one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. You’ll have 100 nights to test it out and be backed by a 10-year warranty if you elect to keep it.View Deal

Nolah Evolution 15″: was $1,499 now from $1,049 at Nolah
30% off + free pillows – There’s 30% off in the Nolah 4th of July mattress sale, with two free Nolah Squishy pillows included to sweeten the deal. That means you can get its most popular mattress, the luxurious Nolah Evolution 15″, for $1,749 in a queen size, and enjoy its impressive pressure relief and spinal alignment.View Deal

Casper Original Hybrid: was $1,095 now from $876 at Casper
20% reduction – There’s 20% off most mattresses at Casper for the 4th of July, including the Casper Original Hybrid. That’s a great discount on a quality hybrid mattress that delivers a medium-firm feel, cradling support and low motion transfer. With this limited-time deal you can get a queen size for $1,196.

Purple Restore mattress: was $1,845 now from $1,645 at Purple
Save $200 – Purple is another company that doesn’t have sales happening 24/7, although you can often find discounts across a selection of its mattresses. Purple’s 4th of July sale has just launched with discounts across its recently-updated range; we’d direct you to the new Purple Restore mattress. There’s $200 off all sizes, which gets you the queen size for $2,095.View Deal

The Allswell Mattress: was $227 now from $170.25 at Allswell Home
25% off –
The Allswell Mattress is, let’s face it, cheap, but don’t let that put you off. It designed to land on the softer side of medium firm, and based on our experience of testing mattresses with a similar firmness, we feel it would best suit lighter to average weight bodies, especially side sleepers. It’s infused with charcoal to control moisture levels and regulate heat, and copper gel-infused foam helps with cooling too. In the Allswell 4th of July sale you can save 25% with the code STAR25, bringing the price of a queen down to $252.75. View Deal

DreamCloud Premier mattress: was $1,169 now from $699 at DreamCloud
40% off – If you want more support and comfort than the standard DreamCloud offers, set your sights on the six-layer Premier, which has 40% off in the DreamCloud 4th of July sale. It has a taller comfort layer to help you nestle into deeper sleep, plus a cashmere Euro Top for extra softness beneath your body. Motion isolation is excellent too, and thanks to this deal a queen size mattress is down to $1,099, reduced from $1,832.View Deal

Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress: was $1,395 now from $1,185.75 at T&N
Save 15% – The Mint Hybrid mattress from Tuft & Needle is packed with cooling technology including diamond particles, graphite and cooling gel, while a combination of foam, nano-coils and pocket springs provide comfort and support as well as great motion isolation. The Mint Hybrid’s in T&N’s 4th of July sale, with a queen size reduced from $1,995 down to $1,695.75.View Deal

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress: was $665 now from $465.50 at Brooklyn Bedding
Save 30% – This is Brooklyn Bedding’s top-selling hybrid mattress and it packs in a lot for the reasonable price, including your choice of three firmness levels and the option of a pillow top. The Signature Hybrid is designed to offer higher pressure relief in all sleep positions, with over 900 coils delivering support and motion isolation. This 4th of July mattress sale offer gets you a queen for $932.40 (was $1,332).View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: Cooling

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow: was $2,895 now from $2,171.25 at Casper
25% off – Casper’s 4th of July mattress sale takes 20% off its mattress range, but it’s increased the discount on its cooling beds to 25%. So if a premium cooling mattress takes your fancy, now’s the time to buy the high-end Wave Hybrid Snow. It features HeatDelete bands, cooling gel and a QuickCool cover to keep temperatures down. This advanced hybrid is now available for $2,546.25 in a queen size, reduced from $3,395.View Deal

GhostBed Luxe Mattress: was $2,595 now from $1,298 + free pillows at GhostBed
Half price, free pillows –
Side sleepers with a tendency to get hot at night would do well to check out the GhostBed Luxe. It’s a 13-inch all-foam mattress with seven layers bringing the cooling and comfort, and while we think it’s just a bit too plush for heavier sleepers as well as back and stomach sleepers, others will appreciate its cloud-like feel. There’s 50% off in the GhostBed 4th of July sale, and a queen is reduced to $1,598 with two free pillows worth $219 included.View Deal

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress: was $1,499 now from $999 at Nectar
Save 33% –
The original Nectar mattress does an admirable job of regulating temperature, but the Premier Copper is your best bet if you’re a hot sleeper who likes the cushioning hug of memory foam. A copper-woven cover plus phase-change-infused cooling foam will leave you comfortably cool and well-supported. Bring home a queen on sale for $1,299 (MSRP $1,949). A lifetime warranty applies, and you’ll have a full year to test it out at home.View Deal

Tempur-Breeze mattress: was $4,099 now from $3,599 at Tempur-Pedic
$500 off –
Available in two versions, the Breeze mattresses are designed to offer superior cooling powers, to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. These promise to feel either 3 or 8 degrees cooler than other Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The MSRP has gone up a little, but $500 off in the 4th of July sale is a decent discount for hot sleepers who want excellent pressure relief from their bed. You’ll get a 90-night trial, plus free shipping. With this offer, a queen size ProBreeze model drops to $4,099.View Deal

Casper Snow mattress: was $1,495 now from $1,121.25 at Casper
25% discount – The Casper Snow is the sleep brand’s new affordable cooling bed, delivering similar features to the Wave Hybrid Snow at a much more wallet-friendly price point. This cooling hybrid features six layers of foam, coils and cooling tech, and it’s available with 25% off in the Casper 4th of July sale, which means a queen size will cost you $1,496.20, reduced from $1,995.View Deal

Brooklyn Dreamfoam Essential: from $274 $205.50 at Brooklyn Bedding
25% off –
Cooling mattresses can cost thousands, but Brooklyn’s Dreamfoam Essential bucks that trend by offering a queen size from $393 (was $524). Naturally you won’t get advanced cooling features at this price; the Dreamfoam Essential has an open-cell foam design to increase airflow and dissipate heat, which means heat shouldn’t collect in the mattress and add to your overheating. There’s 25% off all mattresses in the Brooklyn Bedding 4th of July sale, and we think this is an excellent deal on an all-foam bed that can be customized (in terms of height) to suit different sleep positions. You’ll get free shipping, a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty too. View Deal

Serta Arctic Hybrid Mattress: was $2,999 now from $2,599 at Serta
Save $400 – Serta’s most advanced cooling mattress uses phase change material and cooling gel to keep temperatures down at night. In the 4th of July mattress sales there’s $400 off all sizes, so a queen size is yours for $2,999. And if you prefer a softer all-foam mattress to a hybrid, the standard Serta Arctic is available for the same price.View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: Organic

Birch Natural Mattress: was $1,498.80 now from $1,124.10 plus 2 free pillows at Birch Living
25% off and free pillows –
Birch is knocking 25% off its Natural mattress in its 4th of July sale, and you’ll also get two free pillows with purchase. We rate it as one of the best organic mattress options right now. No matter your sleep style, you’ll be well-supported by a layer of Talalay latex plus a support layer of individually-wrapped steel coils, and it’ll prevent you from overheating at night too. Birch’s prices have recently gone up so this discount softens the blow; a queen size will cost you $1,592.80.View Deal

Avocado Green Mattress: was $1,399 now from $1,299 at Avocado
10% off –
The Avocado Green is one of the best organic mattresses you can buy — especially if you have a larger build. (This medium-firm bed can hold up to 700lbs.) It’s crafted from 100% organic certified, non-toxic materials including Dunlop latex, cotton and wool. A support layer of 1,414 pocketed coils minimizes motion transfer and provides five dedicated zones for concentrated support. There’s up to $800 off in the Avocado mattress sale, and the price of a queen size Green mattress is down to $1,799 (was $1,999). You’ll have a full year to trial it, too.View Deal

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: was $1,398 now from $699 at Awara
Save $400 –
This is a bigger discount than we’ve seen recently on the Awara organic mattress, and for the 4th of July mattress sales you can get a straight $400 off the Natural Hybrid. Organic mattresses aren’t cheap, but this is a good saving on a popular model by the same company that owns Nectar and DreamCloud. It has a firmer feel than you may expect, and is well-suited to back and stomach sleepers, as well as to couples and those seeking enhanced back support. You’ll have a year to trial it at home, and it comes with a forever warranty, same as the Nectar Mattress. With this deal, a queen size is reduced to $999 (was $1,399).View Deal

Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress: was $1,499 now from $1,049 at Nolah
30% off – This is a superb organic mattress at a great price. The Nolah Natural 11″ is made from pressure-relieving Talalay latex hybrid, which is breathable and has a decent amount of bounce, making it a better choice if you don’t want to feel stuck in the mattress as you would with memory foam. Yet it’s just as contouring, plus it uses Tri-Zone support coils to add support in high pressure areas. In Nolah’s 4th of July sale there’s 30% off, bringing the price of a queen size down to $1,469.View Deal

Amerisleep Organica: was $1,499 now from $1,049 at Amerisleep
$450 off – There’s $450 off all mattresses in the Amerisleep 4th of July sale, bringing the the price of this all-natural latex mattress in a queen size down to $1,299 (was $1,749). It’s not the cheapest organic mattress around, but it’s stacked with certified natural and organic materials for non-toxic, healthy sleep. It comes with a 20-year warranty and you’ll have 100 nights to trial it.View Deal

Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress: was $1,099 now from $699 at Eco Terra
Save $400 –
Eco Terra handcrafts all of its mattresses in the USA, using eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced materials that are GOTS and OEKO-TEX-certified. In its 4th of July sale, Eco Terra knocks $400 off its hybrid latex mattress, which means you can bring home a queen for just $999 (was $1,399). Choose between a medium or medium-firm feel. Not sure which one to buy? You’ll have 90 nights to test it out, with free returns plus a full refund if you’re not satisfied. View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: Mattress toppers

Tempur-Adapt Topper: was $319 now from $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic
40% off – The Tempur-Adapt is one of the best mattress toppers you can get, but it’s definitely a premium option. This topper features three inches of Tempur material, giving any bed an extra degree of pressure relief and comfort, and in Tempur-Pedic’s 4th of July sale there’s 40% off. A queen size will cost you $251.40; not exactly cheap, but that’s as low as this one gets, and it’s still a lot less than buying a whole new mattress.View Deal

Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper: was $549 now from $494.10 at Avocado
Save 10% – If you’re looking for an eco-friendly topper they don’t come much better than this. Avocado’s premium topper is made with certified-organic materials, including latex, wool and cotton, and comes with two sleep feels: plush or firm. There’s 10% off when you use Avocado’s USA code, which will get you a queen size topper for $584.10, reduced from $649.View Deal

Bear Pro topper: was $245 now from $160 at Bear
35% discount –
Bear is taking 35% off in its 4th of July sale, which makes its mattress toppers a lot more affordable. We’d direct you towards the  Pro, a plush memory foam mattress topper made from cooling, copper-infused foam and aimed a providing pressure relief for side and combi sleepers. A queen size is reduced to $225 and there’s free shipping and returns. View Deal

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper: was $279 now from $181 at GhostBed
Save 35% – GhostBed’s topper looks basic – a three-inch slab of memory foam with contouring zones carved into it – but it does the job very well and comes with a waterproof and breathable mattress protector. GhostBed is taking 35% off in its 4th of July sale, so a queen size will cost you $214, with two free silk pillowcases included.View Deal

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover: was $2,095 now from $1,995 at Eight Sleep
$100 off – This isn’t your average mattress topper. Rather it’s a smart cover that does an incredible job of getting your bed to the perfect temperature by feeding warm (or cold) water through its pipes. It has a temperature range from 55°F up to 110°F, and it boasts sleep and health tracking features as well as a built-in alarm. Our Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover review can tell you all you need to know; there’s $100 off in Eight Sleep’s 4th of July sale, so a queen size will cost you $2,095.View Deal

4th of July mattress sales: pillows

Casper Down Pillow: was $139 now from $111.20 at Casper
Save 20% – Casper’s Down Pillow sits comfortably at the top of our best pillows guide, thanks to its 5-chamber design and the cloud-like feeling it delivers. Our Casper Down Pillow review explains exactly what our reviewer loved about it; for the 4th of July there’s 20% off, so a standard pillow will cost $111,20, while a king size option is reduced to $143.20View Deal

Nectar Copper Pillow: was $125 now from $83 at Nectar
Up to $45 off – if you tend to get hot in the night (and you generally sleep on your back or side, Nectar’s cooling Copper Pillow is a great choice. Our Nectar Copper Pillow review found it to be plush, moldable and properly cooling with a medium firmness, but it’s just a little too lofty for stomach sleepers. There’s 33% off for the 4th of July; a standard size is $83, while a king size isn’t much more at $90.View Deal

Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow: was $99 now $79 at Nolah
Save $20 – There’s only one size option with the Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow and its high loft means it could be a bit chunky for petite sleepers, but for everyone else it’ll provide springy head and neck support as well as great cooling; learn more in our Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow review. Nolah’s knocking $20 off for the 4th of July, brining the price down to $79.View Deal

DreamCloud Best Rest Memory Foam Pillow: was $99 now from $66 at DreamCloud
33% off – DreamCloud only makes one pillow, but luckily it’s an excellent all-rounder for most people (although stomach sleepers will find it just a little on the lofty side). It has a solid memory foam core infused with copper gel to keep you cool at night, and it’s nicely moldable; get all the facts in our DreamCloud Best Rest Memory Foam Pillow review. In the DreamCloud 4th of July sale it’s reduced to $66 in a standard size, while a king size is down to $86.View Deal

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow: was $89 now from $62.30 at Brooklyn Bedding
Save 30% – If you’re after an all-natural latex pillow, there’s a great chance to save on this one from Brooklyn Bedding. Its breathable latex filling is comfortable and supportive and not too soft, and there are two loft options to suit your sleeping style; see our Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow review for all the facts. There’s 30% off for 4th of July, with a queen size costing $62.30 and a king coming in for $69.30.View Deal

Who has the best 4th of July mattress sale?

We’ve been tracking the July 4th mattress deals for a few years and while deals are available online and in store, the best sales are usually found online. 

That’s because online mattress manufacturers don’t have the cost of bricks and mortar stores, so they can pass those savings on to you in the form of cheaper prices. They normally bundle in free bedding gifts too, making them even more competitive compared to in-store sales.

Some of the best 4th of July mattress sales of 2023 come from Cocoon by Sealy, with its 35% mattress discount and $199 of free bedding, plus Nectar Sleep with its queen size mattress for $699 and up to $499 of free bedding. Casper’s 20% discount is a welcome deal from a mattress brand that doesn’t have sales running throughout the year, while Saatva’s early bird 4th of July mattress sale takes between $200 and $500 off when you spend over $1,000; there may be better deals to come, though!

Is July 4th a good time to buy a mattress?

TechRadar has extensive experience of reporting on mattress sales and we know from tracking them over the past few years that there are a few times each year that are better than any other for buying a new mattress. These are:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day

Mattress prices rise in the summer months, making the 4th of July mattress sales your last big opportunity to secure a cheaper price before the summer price hikes kick in. From analysis of past trends, these prices then tend to remain at a higher level until Labor Day in September, when they fall again at the end of November with the advent of Black Friday mattress deals. Most of these then become Cyber Monday mattress deals

So if you need a new mattress and can’t wait until November, the 4th of July mattress sale events (found online and in store) are your best option this side of summer. Not all are worth buying though, so read our tips below on how to pick the best deal for you and avoid any duds. 

Bookmark this page too, as we’re including only the top sale offers. So while you might not see as many in our guide as you’ll find on others, these deals have been expert-approved.

How to pick the best 4th of July mattress sale

As with any other big shopping event, you’ll be bombarded with endless sale offers and deals. Brands will shout about how their 4th of July mattress sale is their best yet thanks to cheap prices and huge discounts, but how do you know if this is true or pure marketing hype? 

Here are our top tips for telling the difference between a great deal and a dud:

1. Check the price history of the mattress

If you’re buying on Amazon, you can use price tracking software such as Camel Camel Camel. Fact-checking prices when shopping direct from manufacturers is tricker but not impossible. 

One way to do this is to run a search for the mattress you’re interested in buying, plus the word ‘sale’ or ‘deal’. Only look at articles from this year as prices will naturally increase year on year. Also keep in mind that inflation is pushing up prices on lots of products, including mattresses, so higher prices are to be expected now regardless of the time of year. However if the 4th of July mattress sale price is considerably more than last month’s price, look elsewhere. 

TechRadar covers monthly sales from leading mattress manufacturers, so you could use our following guides in your research too:

A couple go mattress shopping and the woman lies on a white mattress with her arms outstretched

(Image credit: Getty)

2. Only buy a mattress if it has a trial period

This is non-negotiable for us, as a trial period means you can sleep on the mattress at home for a set period of time before fully making up your mind. Lying on a mattress in store for 10 minutes simply doesn’t compete with a proper at-home mattress trial, and depending on the online manufacturer or retailer you buy from, you’ll get a 100 night trial. 

Here’s something to watch out for though: if a brand offers free shipping and free returns, that trial is considered ‘risk free’. If the brand charges a returns fee (also called a processing fee), then it isn’t risk free as there’s a cost to you should you choose to return the mattress. 

3. Only shop a 4th of July mattress sale if the returns policy is clear

Any decent mattress manufacturer or retailer will include a link to their returns policy at the bottom of the main (homepage) of their website. It should contain the following information:

  • What the returns process involves
  • When you can initiate it (some brands won’t accept returns until you’ve slept on your bed for 30 nights)
  • Any associated costs to you
  • A link to the warranty information so you can see what is and isn’t covered if you keep your new mattress

If you’re interested in more bargains you can see our roundup of the best 4th of July sales from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, and more.

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