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Trying to grind Escape From Tarkov ahead of the wipe? These codes will give you free stuff

It’s official, Escape From Tarkov is handing out stacks of free stuff to eagle-eyed players ready to put in a few codes, and if you want to get hold of some of the best armour, guns and ammo in the game it can be yours by just entering a code on Escape From Tarkov‘s website. 

There’s no limit to have many of these you can redeem, so strap in, enter a stack of codes, and you can walk away with the chaddiest of chad gear. There’s a caveat – you might as well use this gear as soon as you can, because with a drop this large there’s no doubt that the next Tarkov wipe is coming. 

How do you enter promotional codes for Escape From Tarkov? 

There are two ways to redeem codes for Escape From Tarkov. You can redeem codes on the website or you can redeem your codes through the launcher. 

On the website, the process is as follows: 

If you want to do this via the launcher, here’s the process: 

Escape From Tarkov promo codes

To get all of the booty that Battlestate Games are handing out, you will need to enter all of the following codes using the method above. 

What will the codes give me? 

Strap in, there’s a ton of stuff here in bullet point form. 

This is a ridiculous haul and is a definite sign that for this wipe at least, the end is very nigh. So take this stuff out, have fun, and try to get some frags before everything gets lost like tears in the rain. 

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