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This Windows 11 update lets you turn off time and date, if that’s your thing

Microsoft may be adding a new customization option in an upcoming Windows 11 update – one that could address a feature that a good amount of users find annoying.

According to Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth and reported on by MSPowerUser, the Windows 11 Dev Insider build 25300 contains three strings that make turning off the date and time on the system tray on the right side of the Taskbar an option. Those strings are ‘Hide taskbar clock,’ ‘Hide time and date in the system tray,’ and ‘Turn this on to hide your time and date information in the corner of your taskbar.’ Most likely the setting will be located on the Taskbar, as other settings that configure it are located there. 

However, this is all still mere conjecture at this point. Finding these strings inside the build doesn’t guarantee implementation. And even if it was confirmed the feature would be coming to Windows 11, we still don’t have a release date.

What does this mean for Windows 11?

Personally, I find the date and time on the Taskbar one of the most standard and useful features on the OS. It’s extremely convenient to simply glance to the right and see the exact time of day, especially when absorbed in other projects that would otherwise interfere with my concept of time.

However, having more customization options is never a bad thing and, considering it now, Windows 11 is long overdue for some overhauls in that regard. Another feature that could be useful is the ability to display multiple time zones on the Taskbar –handy for work environments that require communication and teamwork between staffers around the world.

There are plenty of other features Microsoft could test out, and if this one does drop and becomes popular, that hopefully means even more options in the future.

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