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The iPhone 15 Pro could tempt you with a stunning new special edition color

The iPhone 15 Pro rumors are already in full swing more than six months before its expected release – and while it’s a little early for reliable color leaks, a source has apparently revealed that a new ‘dark red’ special edition model is en route.

The new rumors from 9to5Mac, which include some slightly less confident predictions about iPhone 15‘s new color options, suggest that Apple’s next premium model will be available in a crimson-like shade that the site has mocked up (below) based on its apparent color hex value of ‘#410D0D’. 

In an attempt to attract buyers towards its Pro models, Apple does usually release special edition colors for the range, which have in the past leant towards more subdued hues than its standard iPhones. 

The iPhone 12 Pro received a Pacific Blue shade, the iPhone 13 Pro arrived in Sierra Blue, while the iPhone 14 Pro went a bit further with Deep Purple and Space Black, which is actually more of a dark grey.

A rumored new color for the iPhone 15 Pro

(Image credit: 9to5Mac)

This rumored new dark red color for the iPhone 15 Pro would fit into that overall subdued theme for the Pro series, but it’s also far from a dead cert. Firstly, iPhone color leaks are notoriously hit-and-miss – the iPhone 13 Pro, for example, was tipped to arrive in a bronze-like shade, but that never materialized.

It’s also very early for these color rumors to appear, as aspects of the iPhone 15 Pro’s design, including its color and finish, are unlikely to have been finalized more than six months from its expected launch. As an example, a gold version of the iPhone X was created (according to FCC filings), but never actually launched.

Still, that doesn’t mean we aren’t intrigued by this potential new special edition edition color for the iPhone 15 Pro – particularly as there’s a chance it could slot into Apple’s Product Red lineup.

Analysis: a Pro version of Product Red?

A range of Apple Product Red products on a red background

(Image credit: Apple)

These iPhone 15 Pro rumors should be treated with great caution, as color speculation doesn’t traditionally start until a few months before Apple’s traditional September launch event. 

But this ‘dark red’ speculation has got us wondering about how it might fit into Apple’s longstanding Product Red range – and if it could be the first iPhone Pro model to be part of the series. 

A portion of every Product Red model that Apple sells goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS and Covid-19. The first device in the series was the iPod nano, back in 2006, and the iPhone jumped on board with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. 

Apple has traditionally reserved red hues for these charity editions. But the iPhone Pro line has so far never had a Product Red version, presumably because its colors don’t tend to match the deep red that’s the signature of the series.

While most Product Red devices have tended to have a largely similar red hue, there is precedence for a slight variation – the iPhone 12 and 12 mini’s Product Red versions had a more orange or coral tint. So it’s not impossible that the rumored dark red iPhone 15 Pro could see it become part of Apple’s charity series.

Right now, though, this is pure speculation, and we’re more inclined to trust the other iPhone 15 Pro leaks that have surfaced so far – namely, those suggesting the inclusion of a USB-C port, a new titanium body and some thinner bezels.   

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