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Starfield devs are forbidden from talking about “unreleased” details – but Bethesda boss Todd Howard isn’t

There’s no point asking any of the developers making Starfield for sneaky info about the highly-anticipated action RPG – according to Bethesda Game Studio’s studio design director, Bethesda boss Todd Howard is the only person “authorized” to give away “unreleased game information”.

“I know this isn’t what any Starfield fan wants to hear from me, but I feel like I need to make this clear: no one other than Todd Howard himself is authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info. That’s the job of our PR/marketing/community folks,” explained Emil Pagliarulo to his followers on Twitter.

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“You have tons of questions. I get it. And my vague posting about the game doesn’t help. I am SO humbled by your anticipation of Starfield. Seriously. It’s mind-boggling to me. So it really does pain me to say that I simply CAN’T answer 99 per cent of your questions.

“I can’t share my opinions on game content; I can’t talk about performance; I can’t discuss… well, most things,” Pagliarulo added. “I signed an NDA. I’m a professional. I don’t want to get fired. But your support is EVERYTHING to us. You fill my heart – every day. Best. Fans. EVER.”

Starfield is set to release September 6 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. 

Todd Howard recently announced that Starfield’s romance options will revolve around four main characters. Despite the 1,000 planets and billions of inhabitants in Starfield, it turns out there’ll only be four romanceable characters. In June 22’s Kinda Funny Xcast, Howard spoke about romance options in the open-world RPG. 

“The four main Constellation ones are the ones that support full questlines for them and for romance,” Howard said at the time, answering a viewer question about romances in the new game.

We also recently discovered that Starfield will have various handcrafted locations placed around the galaxy on specific planets in set locations, whilst others will be randomly generated when a player lands on a planet. 

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