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Payday 3’s latest trailer went unseen for nearly a week because the devs hid it too well

You might not have known that a brand new Payday 3 trailer had gone live over the past week, because developer Starbreeze did such a good job hiding it.

The latest Payday 3 trailer is all about stealth, and how the developer is bringing it back into the spotlight as a viable strategy during heists. That’s actually an improvement over the previous game, where stealth was initially useful, but eventually got nerfed into near-uselessness.

However, Starbreeze may have hidden its new stealth trailer a little too well. By heading to the official Payday 3 website, you can view the gameplay trailer by clicking the large orange play button on the homepage. To view the stealth trailer, you then need to mute the video’s audio while watching, and you’ll see a silent new trailer superimposed over the old one.

This wasn’t immediately obvious, though, and the developers seemed a little taken aback that no one had stumbled across the secret trailer. The official Twitter account even poked fun at its community for being unable to discover it.

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When that didn’t work, Starbreeze must’ve thought, with a deep sigh: “fine, here’s a hint,” posting cryptic poetry on Twitter to help guide fans in the right direction:

“You did nothing wrong, but we’ve waited so long. Were we mistaken? Should another path have been taken? We have shown you violent, now we try to show you silent Think not like in a riot but try to be quiet Start at the page, turn down the gage or simply drop the burrito and go…”

After that it seemed like the penny finally dropped, though in a digital age where easter eggs are becoming increasingly difficult to hide, we have to give Starbreeze credit for hiding its stealth trailer in plain sight.

Payday 3 launches on September 21, and developer Starbreeze is keen on providing the game with content for years to come. In our interview with the devs, they express how much they’d want to include crossover events featuring Batman and Die Hard’s John McClane.

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