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OPPO’s vision for smarter, future tech is on display at MWC 2023

Nowadays, technology has become central to so many aspects of our lives, and technological advances have profound impacts. With every company vying for our attention with upgrades and updates, it can be hard to sniff out the actual innovations amid all the commotion and find the tech-enabled improvements coming up.

OPPO recently announced its participation in Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023). The company has themed its efforts as “Inspire to Believe,” and will be showing off promising new tech in Barcelona to follow up on the unveiling of the tech at OPPO INNO DAY 2022

Diversity is proving crucial, with OPPO believing that companies that only make cell phones simply can’t last. So OPPO is casting a wider net with devices and technologies that seek to unlock new possibilities for smart living and better serve users worldwide, and it’s bringing these new technological breakthroughs to market. Here’s a peak at what OPPO has lined up.

New device form factors might be the next big thing

As phones became “smarter” they also became larger. The growth of the foldable smartphone market in recent years is providing innovation that could reverse that course in a way, promising to combine modern-day smarts with a more compact, foldable design. 

A recent report by Counterpoint Research suggests that the shipments of foldable phones will climb by more than 52% in 2023 and reach as high as 22.7 million units. This could be an inflection point for foldable smartphones, providing the opportunity to seize a big piece of the high-end flagship market.

OPPO Find N2 flip phone

(Image credit: OPPO)

Earlier this month, OPPO unveiled the new Find N2 Flip, the company’s first-ever foldable phone designed for the global market. Visitors to the MWC 2023 will have the opportunity to experience the phone firsthand. 

The OPPO Find N2 Flip features an advanced Flexion Hinge, which lets it offer a multi-angle FlexForm mode, allowing the screen to be set at any angle between 45-110 degrees without a noticeable crease. 

Topping it off, the device has the largest and only vertically oriented cover screen of any flip phone on the market. With a 17:9 vertical aspect ratio, the 3.26-inch cover screen of OPPO Find N2 Flip is easy and intuitive to use. 

OPPO’s successful entry into the foldable market with the Find N in 2021 gave the Chinese smartphone giant confidence in the foldable smartphone category. The company hopes for the release of the OPPO Find N2 Flip to help make foldable phones a more practical, everyday smart device for users in 2023.

Upgrades in connectivity for enhanced productivity

According to a report from McKinsey, advanced connectivity in low-power wireless connections and 5G/6G cellular was one of the biggest technology trends of the past year. 

In 2022, OPPO released the Zero-Power Communication White Paper, which envisioned a zero-power, battery-free future. Zero-power Communication technology allows certain devices to communicate without relying on batteries or their own power source. While the technology was detailed in the white paper, OPPO is set to bring the concept to reality. 

OPPO plans to showcase a real-world Zero-power Communication device at MWC 2023 — imagine a device for keeping track of your keys, wallet, phone, or whatever else that will never run out of battery just when you need it most. That’s the promise of OPPO’s Zero-power Communication technology.

OPPO at MWC'23

(Image credit: OPPO)

The company will also bring more connectivity upgrades for the home and detail its latest achievements in 5G/6G connectivity. Over the past few years, OPPO has been working hard on 5G CPE portfolios, letting users get high-speed hub connectivity for the home and office. OPPO is upgrading the tech at MWC 2023 to provide faster, more stable connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 support.

“Inspire to Believe” for more possibilities in smart living

OPPO is expanding its MariSilicon family with the new MariSilicon Y, the company’s first flagship Bluetooth audio SoC unveiled at OPPO INNO DAY 2022. MariSilicon Y will be available for hands-on experience at MWC 2023, where visitors will be able to hear the lossless audio presentation for themselves. 

Along with the MariSilicon Y, OPPO will also be showing off the new generation of Assisted Reality smart glasses, OPPO Air Glass 2, which debuted at OPPO INNO DAY 2022. Visitors will be able to experience them firsthand.

OPPO is rounding out its showcase with other innovations related to fast charging, health, and accessories to highlight the breadth of its expertise and cement its belief in the potential of smart technology to improve people’s daily lives.

While there’s no saying which technologies will lead the way in 2023, companies like OPPO give us a glimpse into a potential future with their vision of life-enhancing tech. 

Stay tuned for more innovative technology announcements from OPPO at MWC 2023

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