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Ooblets is releasing on Steam next month alongside a new Halloween update

The adorable farming and creature collecting game Ooblets finally has a Steam release date, over a year on from its exclusive Epic Games Store PC launch.

To be exact, Ooblets will be launching on Steam on October 5, around the same time that the 1.3 Halloween Event Update is rolled out. As well as a spooky new look for Badgetown and its residents, the update will add a bunch more clothes, furniture, and accessories, alongside a new event-limited ooblet, and the return of trick-or-treating. There’ll also be a mysterious new event collectible to hunt down, too.

The Halloween event is planned to run from October 1 to some time in mid-November, but according to a press release, “it may get extended depending on how festive everyone is feeling”. It’s also been confirmed that the 1.4 content update is almost ready, too – this will introduce ‘oobmobiles’ for your ooblets to drive around in (a very important addition), and will be rolled out before the end of the year. 

For those unfamiliar, Ooblets is essentially like a combination of Stardew Valley and the Pokémon series, with an eccentric flair. Players must develop their own farm, befriend the titular ooblets (cute creatures who inhabit the land of Oob), grow closer with the inhabitants of Badgetown, and ultimately help the mayor save the town while finding out more about the weird and wonderful world in the process. 

The title, which was developed and published by indie studio Glumberland, was first released in early access on the Epic Games Store in 2020, but released in full last year on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well. 

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