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Many workers think their employers aren’t investing in technology properly

In an era where business cost optimization is on the tip of every leader’s tongue, a new Ricoh Europe study has uncovered workers’ dissatisfaction in terms of the technology they’re getting, and their companies don’t even seem to realize it.

The study analyzed 1,000 workers and 250 decision-makers in the UK and Ireland and found that 74% of decision-makers claim to be designing employee workplace processes and systems with their experience in mind. 

However, only 54% of said employees agree with this statement.

Businesses need to invest in the right technology

Even amid economic pressure, it seems that companies are continuing to invest in new and upgraded tools. Despite this, around a third (34%) of workers reckon that the new technology won’t impact their work. Providing all workers with the same software, for example, won’t reap equal rewards, while a small handful of employees may require highly specialized tools that others wouldn’t.

This research, along with multiple other similar reports, suggests that working conditions and employee experiences play a considerable role in worker retention. It also indicates that investing in the right tools could prove much cheaper than new talent acquisition, which is estimated to cost around $11,000 per worker in the EU.

Ricoh Europe CEO Nicola Downing said: “Decision makers can’t afford to delay. Without an optimal working environment, employees may start to look for pastures new.”

Some of the key software types that businesses were found to be lacking included project management software, automation software, and hybrid working technology.

With financial and social benefits aplenty, Ricoh urges businesses to take a look at their current employee offerings before they lose out to their competition.

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